Kuwait – Lugaimat (Sweet Dumplings )

Lugaimat is one of the most delicious and appetizing deserts in Kuwait. This is available at every restaurant in Kuwait. Lugaimat is also called ”sweet dough balls”. This is a little similar to doughnuts but not exactly the same.

Kuwait – Jireesh (Cracked Wheat Soup)

Jireesh is a specialty of Kuwait. Jireesh is made with wheat or oats with different spices in it. The specialty of this soup is that this has a sweet and salty flavor. This is the best appetizer in Kuwait. You can get this at street vendors or at high-class restaurants you can find it everywhere in Kuwait.

Kuwait – Traditional Margoog (Meat and Vegetable Stew)

Margoog is a stew which is made with meat, vegetables and pasta. You can have this as a lunch or dinner. You can find this anywhere in Kuwait. The important thing about the dish is you have to cook this dish on low heat.

Kuwait – Mumawwash (Rice With Shrimp)

Mumawwash is one of the most delicious and tempting dishes in Kuwait. It is basically a dish that contains flavorful rice with green lentils and tops with dry shrimp. The culture of Kuwait is closest to Bahrain. The seafood of Kuwait has been the backbone of Kuwait for centuries and till now.

Kuwait – Traditional Quozi (Stuffed Lamb With Spicy Rice)

It is basically the most famous dish in Kuwait. The word ”Quozi” is pronounced as ”Ghozi” or ”Ghoozi”. This dish is served at celebrations like weddings, parties, family get together, etc. People also like to have this dish as lunch or dinner.

Kuwait – Traditional Machboos (Spicy Rice With Chicken and Red Sauce)

Machboos is the national dish of Kuwait. The rice specialty with tender and juicy meat with delicious red sauce is amazing. Whenever visitors visit Kuwait they always try Machboos because of rice and who does not love rice. The interesting thing about the dish is the rice is soaked in rose water and saffron. The other rice dishes which are made in rice do not add rose water to the rice. This is the only dish that includes rose water.

Kuwait – Asida (Lump of Dough With Butter and Honey)

Asida is a dish that has a lump of dough with honey and some butter. It has a unique way of eating. Traditionally it is eaten with the index and middle finger of the right hand. The word ASIDA comes from the Arabic word asad which means twist. The recipe of this dish (ASIDA) was found in the 10th century. The recipe of it was found in the book which is called KITAB – AL – TABIH (the book of dishes).

Kuwait – Traditional Spicy Biryani

Biryani is also very popular in Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. The word biryani came from the Persian language. It s said that the first time biryani was cooked in the royal kitchen (Mughals kitchen). In the sixteenth century, it states that the biryani is from India but that is wrong.

Kuwait – Traditional Gers Ogaily (Perfumed Cake)

The word ”GERS” means disc and ”OGAILY” means a black circle cloth robe that is worn by men on their heads. This is the most popular and appetizing dessert in Kuwait. It is very popular to serve at gatherings, weddings, and functions. This cake is old-fashion Kuwaiti cuisine.

Kuwait – Traditional Maglooba (Savory Rice Cake)

Maglooba is one of the delicious and famous cakes in Kuwait. This is an upside-down cake. This dish is served on special events like family gatherings, weddings, Christmas and banquets, etc. This dish available in every restaurant in Kuwait and this is also available at street vendors.