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Cameroon – Pourrish Fufu With Lettuce and Boiled Fish

Pourrish fufu with lettuce and boiled fish is not a particular type of food. It is solely the combination of this food that makes it a particular type of meal. This dish is being prepared mostly in the locality of Ndé in Cameroon.

Tanzania – Matembele

Matembele are green leaves, mostly like potato leaves but with narrow shape and a red color at its steam. They have been named as bloody grass because it’s a major role they play into our bodies, to support blood production within.

Zambia – Ifinkubala

In many countries of Africa, insects are essential not only for environmental balance but also for healthy and meal advantages. Ifinkubala the cuisine from Zambia is among the many cuisines of insects.

Cameroon – Pomme Haricot

Pomme haricot is a meal that deals in the combination of pomme and haricot in order to have this delicious meal. Pomme haricot comes from the grassfield areas of Cameroon, the Santa locality.

Tanzania – Spaghetti

Welcome to this cuisine from Tanzania, it is so delicious and cooked without any artificial ingredients. I like natural prepared food as they maintain the quality of the minerals as either described from industry of farm.

Angola – Yassa Chicken

Angola has been blessed with a kind of delicious dishes, that will break your taste buds just by a smell. Angola is a country found in weatern part of Africa continent.

Senegal – Soupou Kandja

Soupou Kandja is a cuisine found in the country, being prepared by the mix of meat or fish with vegetables to bring the taste ever, and eaten over rice as top layered soup.

Ghana – Mpotor Mpotor

Mpotor mpotor is a Ghanaian cuisine, though also common in Cameroon. In Cameroon, there is no special name prescribed for this cuisine. We just call it mashed yams, or mashed potatoes.

Bayangi, Cameroon – Garri and Eru

The local cuisine in Cameroon great and divers. This is the traditional meal of the Bayangi people. This is one of the tribes in Cameroon among the many other tribes in the country.

Cameroon – Egussi Okro and Yellow Garri

Okro is a fruit vegetable grown in almost if not all but at least six regions in Cameroon. In the center region okro can be seen grown by the beti and ewondo tribe. Okro soup itself is very nutritive and good for every age group from a toddler to adults to the aging.