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Indonesia – Celimpungan

Many kinds of food are cooked only in a special event. One of them is Celimpungan from Palembang city, Indonesia. A dish that only cooks when people of Palembang celebrating Eid Al-Fitr. Celimpungan is a yellow soup filled with fish cake and some vegetables.

Surabaya, Indonesia – The Food of the patriot city

Surabaya is the second-largest city in Indonesia and it is called the city of the patriot because there are so many historical and patriotic moments that happened in Surabaya. Surabaya is located in East Java. Surabaya has many kinds of traditional and historical cuisine too, such as “ Rujak Cingur”.

Indonesia, Malaysia – Traditional Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is a special type of dish popular in the Southeast Asian region, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia. This dish is a type of fried rice in Indonesian style with pieces of bite-size chicken pieces and sweet soy sauce. Nasi Goreng is an Indonesian national cuisine and also is originated from the Southeast Asian Country Indonesia. However, it is originated in the 16th century by Chinese immigrants in Indonesia but it becomes popular almost in the 19th century.

Indonesia – Aunu Senebre

West Papua is not only known for its beautiful sea but also its delicious food. One of them is Aunu Sanebre, a dish made from anchovy, grated coconut, and sliced taro leaves served with a side of papeda.

Indonesia – Coto Makassar

When visiting South Sulawesi province in Indonesia, you will found a legendary dish that already exists since the 16th century, known as Coto, specially Coto Makassar that refers to Makassar as the provincial capital of South Sulawesi province.

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia – Murtabak

Murtabak is a kind of Paratha roti or maybe pancake but actually, it is filled with some stuff which made it special roti paratha. MURTABAK is the most famous street food. in the Arabic word which is written as ” MUTABBAQ ” have its meaning ” FOLDED “. This MURTABAK is famous in MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, SINGAPORE especially. Murtabak is originated for the Middle East.

Indonesia – Pisang Gapit

Ever you imagine eating a grilled banana? Pisang Gapit is a grilled banana, a traditional snack from East Borneo. Gapit comes from Kutai tribe languages means clamped.

Indonesia – Cincane Chicken

One of the biggest islands in the world is Borneo in Indonesia. Borneo island foremost East Borneo province is known for its authentic brown sugar. East Borneo also has a rousing festival named Erau Festival, which is the biggest culture festival there. When enjoying the Erau festival, there is a special dish that you need to taste, which was Cincane Chicken. To cook Cincane chicken, Borneo people only use organic chicken to have a tender texture and tastier.

Indonesia – Rujak Cingur

Do you ever imagine eating salad topped with cow’s mouth? In Indonesia, there is a dish similar to salad called Rujak Cingur. As a local cuisine, Rujak Cingur had a long history before it spread here in Surabaya city, East Java.

Singapore, Indonesia – Ayam Penyet

Ayam penyet is a fried chicken that is famous all around the world but especially in Singapore. The word Penyet means “SQUEEZED” so this dish is commonly called “SQUEEZED CHICKEN”. It is a Javanese term. The place of origin of Ayam penyet is Indonesia.