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Ghana – Banku and Tilapia Fish

Jesus Christ fed thousands with fish and bread back then. Today, we eat fish with different accompaniment like fried ripe plantains, bobolo and even banku.

Ghana – Red Red

In Ghana Red Red cuisine is among the dishes that indicates Ghana traditional way of eating. Is the lasting among the traditional dishes and loved by almost everyone in the country.

Ghana – Kalewele

Most of the meals I have writing about, I have cooked them. That is because I got the advantage that, most of the ingredients if not all are available in Cameroon. The dish is a Ghanaian dish and it is valued by Ghanaians and those that have tried it out.

Ghana – Jollof Rice

Ghanaian Jollof rice is what I am going to be writing on today. I had writing on jollof rice, but that was jollof rice prepared in the Cameroonian style. Preparing jollof rice in Ghana is slightly different. Take note not to get confuse.

Ghana – Sweet Potatoes Fatoor (Futari)

Fatoor (Futari) is a loved meal and the most prepared ones during Ramadan. Ghana is a country with most of it’s inhabitants being Islams therefore the preparation of fatoor is essential to work with.

Ghana – Kontomire Stew

Kontomire stew is a stew made from cocoyam leaves. This cuisine is very popular in Ghana and could be seen prepared and sold in restaurants and could also be prepared at homes since its ingredients are affordable.

Ghana – Tuo Zaafi

Tuo Zaafi is a loved meal in Ghana, there is a secret with Ghanaian dishes, they contain a variety of mixes, including grains, herbs and vegetables, and meat. This cuisine is mainly compounded with corn, vegetable leaves (Cassava leaves) and meat.

Ghana – Angwa Mo

Today I will be writing on a traditional meal called Angwa Mo. Angwa Mo is a Ghanaian meal which means oiled rice. This is rice like any other rice. But the cooking process is so different.

Ghana – Banku and Tilapia

Welcome to Ghana, deep within coastal areas where you will see with own eyes what is in the top picture, that is Banku and tilapia. This cuisine from Ghana is mostly prepared along the coastal areas where Tilapia are easily found. Banku is none other but a stiff porridge prepared with Corn flour mixed with Cassava flour.

Ghana – Tuo Zaafi

We leave to eat or we eat to leave? This a question many people answer it wrongly. Normally the answer is, we eat to leave. Food is very an important substance that sustain life on earth.