Zambia – Yellow Beans Roast

In this cusine we will use the yellow one (picture number 4), as they are easy to get and even preparation method it doesn’t consume a lot of time.

Zambia – Kalebula

Kalebula is a traditional dish, common to the Zambian people and is made from potatoes leaves. Normally, it is accompanied by so many other spices like tomatoes and onions, but what give the name Kalebula, is the potatoes leaves.

Zambia – Chikanda

Chikanda is among the best loved cuisine in Zambia, to be given a nick name “African Polony” due to the likeness of meat-like consistency. If you pass around streets in Zambia, this cuisine will have to be a friend of your eyes, since you will see in tables fast food points ready for take off.

Zambia – Nashima and Relish

NASHIMA is a very important dish in Zambia. This ingredient is made from food, which is made from corn. In Zambia or South Africa, we used rape or more leaves instead of black, but black is a good alternative.

Zambia – Kalembula

Kalembula is name that whenever you will be required to list down Zambian cuisines, no wonder it must appear there. It’s a cuisine from Sweet potato leaves, mixed with vegetables to enhance taste and nutritional benefits.

Zambia – Chibwabwa

When comes to green leaves recipe, Chibwabwa may hold it’s position as a pure traditional Zambian dish, due to the fact that it only cooked by boiling and no more. It has other varieties of ingredients but no any oil drop is found while preparing this dish.

Zambia – Inswa

In every rainy season, you will see golden flies all around places in Zambia, they are flying termites. Here in Zambia we call them Inswa. In nearby country that is Tanzania, they usually call them “Kumbikumbi”.

Zambia – Ifishashi

Ifishashi is a zambian dish, that is prepared from green plant leaves and it can be mixed with most of the foods in Zambia.

Zambia – Nshima

A cuisine is a traditional cooking habit. Nshima is one of the cuisines, Zambians consider as real food. It is heavy and made up of a combination of other spicy delicacies.

Zambia – Curried Gazelle

Zambia is a country located southern central of Africa, bordering Tanzania to it’s east, Congo from it’s north, Angola and Namibia to the west and Zimbabwe to the south. The country has a variety types of Gazelle that signify their traditional dish in a country.