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Pakistan – Potato spice chapatti

This potato chapatti is traditional in our country. Everyone wants this chapatti in breakfast as well as in lunch. This is full of healthy nutrients. Some people like the most of these in different cities but in Lahore it is considered to be the most wanted chapatti.

Pakistan – Traditional Rabri Falooda With Kulfi

Rabri falooda is very famous in ”OLD LAHORE” and in food street. The interesting part of the dessert is the one who wants to eat falooda has to prepare the dessert by itself.

China – Jianbing

Jianbing becomes a Chinese favorite breakfast meal. Jianbing uses wheat flour, eggs, and sauce as the main ingredient. According to local history, Jianbing firstly cooks at the Three Kingdom age (220-280) and maybe become the first pancake in the world.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Halwa Puri (Semolina pudding with Fried Dough)

This dish is eaten as breakfast in Pakistan. It is famous as breakfast among Pakistani people for example Lahore is the main city in which it is more popular, as well as Faislabad, Multan, Sahiwal, etc. Before Pakistan, in the city of Lahore, there are many dhabas from the side of Androon Lahore which is also present there. Androon Lahore is a place where all antique things, old breakfast are available. This is the beauty of Lahore.

Pakistan – Cake Rusk

There are many bakeries which sell cake rusks in Pakistan such as Butt sweets and many others. This is an easy dish and everyone can make this dish at home. When there are unexpected guests and you have nothing in your home to give them, then cake rusks are the best option to give them.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Hyderabadi Lal Chicken Karahi With Salad and Raita

Hyderabadi lal chicken karahi is full of spices and buttery stuff, which is creamy and spicy in taste. This is the most famous dish of Hyderabad, whenever someone visits Hyderabad they can’t deny this special dish of Hyderabad, its taste and aroma is out of the world.

Thailand – Guay Teow Rhua

For those who love eating noodles, Thailand has several kinds of noodles. But when we talk about uniqueness, Guay Teow Rhua is the champion. Guay Teow Rhua means boat noodle since it trades on a boat near the river.

Pakistan – Traditional Gol Gappay

Gol gappy is a combination of crispy round papri, boiled potatoes, vegetables and imli ki chutney (tamarind dip). Gol gappa literally means ”water bread”. It is a common snack in Pakistan.

Pakistan – Traditional Boneless Mutton Karahi

The traditional Mutton or lamb boneless meat is the most popular and common dish in Pakistan. This dish is also named Karahi Gosht where Gosht means meat (although it can be chicken, lamb, or cow). The people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the founder of this delightful dish and also some food historians said that this dish comes from KPK. It is also believed that Mutton Karahi is originated from the Indian Subcontinent at the ruling of the great Mughalai Family in the early 17th century. Now it becomes famous all across the world.

Filipino – Sans Rival (Dessert Cake)

Sans Rival is an cake type dessert. It is not a normal cake as normally cakes are soft but due to meringues this cake gets a crunchy texture which adds another dimension of flavor and complexion to the dish. Sans Rival is an French word which means “without rival”. The first Sans Rival was made in the years between 1920 and 1930. Its background may be French but it was first made in the Philippines.