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Singapore – Sayur lodeh (Vegetable Coconut Soup)

Sayur lodeh is a vegetable soup that is linked with the JAVANESE CUISINE. This is not a common food or soup actually this is a sign of something that overcome the disasters in the county and this is the “SIGN OF PEACE”. Actually this is a dish of Indonesia, but Singapore change and modify its taste by their ingredients.

Singapore – Cendol

Cendol is the icy dessert which is green in its color and a very smooth texture. It is actually a very unique icy and special dessert of Singapore. Every food court or every juice shop in Singapore has this cendol at their shop because dessert is incomplete without Cendol.

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia – Murtabak

Murtabak is a kind of Paratha roti or maybe pancake but actually, it is filled with some stuff which made it special roti paratha. MURTABAK is the most famous street food. in the Arabic word which is written as ” MUTABBAQ ” have its meaning ” FOLDED “. This MURTABAK is famous in MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, SINGAPORE especially. Murtabak is originated for the Middle East.

Singapore, Indonesia – Ayam Penyet

Ayam penyet is a fried chicken that is famous all around the world but especially in Singapore. The word Penyet means “SQUEEZED” so this dish is commonly called “SQUEEZED CHICKEN”. It is a Javanese term. The place of origin of Ayam penyet is Indonesia.

Singapore – Hokkien Prawn Mee

Hookie prawn mee is the noodle type dish which is very tasty to eat in Singapore. If you visit or whenever you visit to Singapore then you should try this because this is the ” EVERGREEN DISH OF SINGAPORE “.

Singapore – Spicy Chili Crab

Whenever you visit Singapore then the very first thing that you should try Chili crab, but if you like spicy food. You can enjoy it at dinner or lunch. But people do not wait for lunch or dinner they just enjoy it when they are craving and this is the specialty of this dish

Singapore – Mee Pok

Mee Pok is very unique and tasty noodles that are very saucy and creamy. Mee Pok noodles are wide and flatter as compared to simple noodles. Mee Pok is the CHINESE NOODLES but famous in Singapore especially, also in Malaysia, Indonesia, and many more. Mee KIA is the small version of Mee Pok. Sauce plays a very important role in noodles and, soup is the side dish of noodles. These noodles are served in Chaoshan, the region in the east of China near Guangdong. There are different kinds of noodles in Singapore

Singapore – Sambal Stingray

Sambal stingray is the “FOOD OF SEA” in which we used fish which is barbecued in which we use banana leaves which are grilled and cook with different ingredients. This dish is not only famous in Singapore but it is actually famous in Malaysia.

Singapore – Otak Otak

Otak Otak is actually known as the Spicy fish cake, the combination of BANANA LEAVES WITH FISH PASTE. It is a creamy custard of fish, it may look so weird to eat but this is actually one of the best dishes to eat in Singapore. This dish is firstly originated in “PALEMBANG” which is the city of INDONESIA. People serve it for the first time in banana leaves which is fully grilled and smells so good.

Singapore – Nasi Biryani

The specialty of this ” NASI BIRYANI ” is that this is cooked in ” ROSEWATER “. Some of the people shocked after hearing that this dish is made in rose water but seriously this gives you a great fragrance and taste as well.