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Zimbabwe – Sadza With Boiled Salty Rice

Sadza dish is the most popular dish in its country, not only in Zimbabwe but also in other countries. It is made with some of the spices and marinated chicken meal.

Zimbabwe – Bota (Milk Porridge)

In Zimbabwe Bota is native term meaning a special prepared porridge from milk, peanut butter and probably more ingredients, that is taken normally in the morning as breakfast to give a day strength.

Zimbabwe – Coconut Rice

Coconut rice is among the most cooked foods during cerebration times in Zimbabwe, most of the chidrens feel very happy once they smell rice, coconut rice.

Zimbabwe – Maguru Stew (Tripe)

Zimbabwe with Maguru stew as among the best loved traditional dishes, it is a country surrounded by Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa. Shona people as one of the largest tribes found in the country prefer this meal, though if prepared by boiling only. This is to mean, Maguru stew hold it’s origin from the traditional ways of eating.

Zimbabwe – Mopane Worms

All around the world, eating of insects is the hobby to people, and includes ants, beetles, grasshoppers and so many to mention. Today we will focus on worms specifically Mopane worms from Zimbabwe. They are also called mashonja and macimbi in Shona and Ndebele respectively.

Zimbabwe – Muboora

when it concerns food or what goes down into our system, we should however be very discipline and careful about it. Less fat, less sugar Etc. Pumpkin leaves help generate more blood in the system. It is very nutritional when prepared.

Zimbabwe – DOVI (Peanut Butter Stew)

Zimbabwe is located in southern Africa, largely occupied by Shona and Ndebele tribes. Dovi is a stew containing peanut butter in large, though it normally comprises of different vegetables or meat mix.

Zimbabwe – Mabhonzo emombe

Have you ever though that a “bone” can actually make a taste and save a day wondefully?, now this cuisine from Zimbabwe will leave you amazed, it is called Mabhonzo emombe. We all know about meats as one of the everyone favor when it comes about eating at the best, but yet there is something more to know about it, beef bones.

Zimbabwe – Nhedzi

This cuisine comes from mushroom (termitomyces family of mushrooms) that are cooked with vegetables to bring the outcome for lunch or dinner meal.