Turkey – Delicious Yaprak Dolma (Rice filling Covered in A Vine Leaf)

This is one of the yummiest light lunch in Istanbul. The specialty of this dish is the vine leaf. The rice filling is so good and when it is covered in a vine leaf it enhances the flavor of rice. The other name of it is ” Yaprak Sarma” sarma means wrapped in English. This dish is part of Turkish Aegean cuisine.

Turkey – Traditional Dondurma (Sweet Creamy Mastic Ice-Cream)

Dondurma means ”freezing in Turkish”, which is the most famous dessert in Turkey. You have never heard of eating ice cream with a fork and knife. Dondurma is the only ice cream that is eaten by fork and knife.

Turkey – Traditional Cag Kebab (Meatballs)

This is the most famous cuisine of Turkey. Kebabs are so famous in the entire world not only in Turkey but Turkey has a large variety of kebabs. Cag Kebab has a long thin shape because the meat patties are put onto the skewer and then cut with a knife from the edges.

Turkey – Traditional Lahmacun (Flatbread with meat and paste)

Lahmacun is a thin flatbread that has a yummy paste (sauce) and meat on top of it. In Turkey, this is called ”TURKISH PIZZA”. Lahmacun does not have cheese in it like usually normal pizza has cheese in it. This is the most famous street food in Turkey.

Algerian / Turkish – Baklava

Baklava is one of the most popular desserts ever made in this world. It is basically pastry which is made by adding nuts, pistachios over the filo sheets which is then baked in the oven. This dessert goes way back to the times of the Ottoman Empire. There is a dish in the Turkish cuisine which resembles quite a lot with the Baklava and some say that it is the origin of Baklava. There are many countries which have their own versions of Baklava.

Turkey – Traditional Hamsili Pilaf (Rice Covered in Fish)

Hamsili pilaf is the yummiest dish. This dish has a unique way of cooking because pilaf is a dish that is made pressure cooker but Hamsili pilaf is a dish that is baked in the oven. All the people in Turkey made this dish at eid dinner. Winter is the best season to have this delicious dish, because all the little anchovies are found in this season.

Turkey – Baklava

Baklava is a famous sweet dish which is specially made in Turkey. It is liked by many people in Turkey and it counts as the 4th most famous dish in Turkey. Baklava is a sweet dish in many eastern countries and has become the most famous desert of these countries.

Turkey – Pide

Pide is the most famous and local cuisine of Turkey. This is a flatbread kind of dish which has the shape same as the shape of a boat, and it is baked in an oven. Pide was first made in the decade of 1850s.

Turkey – Corba (Red Lentil Soup)

In Jewish tradition, the roundness of the lentil represents a complete cycle of life so this red lentil soup has been served at times of mourning over there. Lentil soup is also mentioned in the Holy Book of Christians which is the Bible so it has a unique significance in life.

Turkey – Traditional Perde Pilav (Buttery Dough Filled With Rice and Dry Fruit)

This is one of the most eaten dishes in Siirt. It is a combination of parde pilav and kabli pilav because ”parde” means” covered”. People serve this dish on the new year, Christmas, eid – ul – fitar, etc.