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Japan – Karumeyaki (Honeycomb Toffee/Sponge Toffee)

Honeycomb caramel, caramel sponge, hokey pokey, No matter what you call this pack, we all agree that it is one of a kind. Crunchy, light, and sweet pieces of caramel plunge you back into childhood for sure. Toffee is actually a dessert or candy, the snack that is created by caramelizing the sugar with butter, some salt, flour if required.

Japan – Kakigori (Japanese Shaved Ice Dessert)

Kakigori is a dessert that is made up of Crushed and shaved ice with having flavors and sweet syrups. Japanese Shaved ice dessert is served with sweet syrups, some fruit chunks, condensed milk, evaporated milk. In summer, this dessert is sold every where in Japan like, dessert shops, tea café, tea stalls, ice cream stalls, etc. This dish is originated in Heian Period in which ice from the mountains bring and topped with flavors.

Japan – Chazuki

This is a very unique dish of Japanese cuisine in which we can mix rice with prepared green tea and pour over the rice. Name of the dish which is used in Japanese cuisine is ”CHAZUKE”. From this word ”CHA” means ”TEA” and ”ZUKE” means ”SUBMERGE”.

Japan – Ramen ( Japanese Noodles Soup )

Ramen is a special dish from Japanese cuisine. It is also known as SHINA SOBA or CHUKA SOBA in different areas of Japan. Two main ingredients of this Japanese ramen are broth/soup and noodles.

Japan – Raindrop Cake

Raindrop cake; is not it look like a piece of art or something. This is a zero calories dessert in which we can have only two or three ingredients and you come up with a unique dessert like an art piece. This is very clear and crystal dessert so felt like a raindrop.

Japan – Katsudon Egg Rice Bowl

Katsudon is a popular Japanese food made up of having two-three items as shown in the name of the dish, rice bowl and eggs. The name of the dish is from two different Japanese dishes: one is from the Japanese rice bowl and the other is from the traditional Japanese Pork cutlet.

Japan – Japanese Curry Rice (karē raisu)

Curry is basically a gravy made up of some specific ingredients, spices, yogurt, cream by adding vegetables and meat in it. karē raisu is Japanese curry. It is served on rice with some vegetables that are pickled. This is thick stew-like gravy or curry. This dish is first time introduced at the MEJI ERA and, the first dish was KARE RAISU. It is also a very popular story that Japanese curry is used to cure BERIBERI disease. For Japan, Japanese curry is the national dish of Japanese cuisine.

Japan – Makizushi Rolls

Makizushi is Japanese rolled sushi. This is formed by rolling a cylindrical roll of sushi then cut into a plain patty-like round shaped. This is rolled by using bamboo mats. There are many variations in which form the fish would be presented like mostly uncooked thin-sliced fish are embedded in it.

Korea, Japan – Bibimbap / Korean Mixed Rice Bowl

Bibimbap is a dish from Korean national cuisine. It is actually a rice dish which means Mixed Rice. In this dish, many different ingredients are added like stir-fried vegetables, cooked meat chunks, raw vegetable salad, noodles, spices and herbs, eggs, etc. BIBIMBAP was first time recorded in a book of JOSEON. There are different versions of Bibimbap.

Japan – Japanese Okonomiyaki

As a Japanese cuisine, this dish is an authentic dish from the traditional values. This is a dish in which wheat flour is used to make a base of the dish and then topped with different sauces. The word, OKONOMI means “what you like?”‘ and, YAKI means “Fried food”.