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Nepal – Choila

Choila is a very spicy dish of Nepal. Choila is special to make in ” buffalo meat ” but with the passage of time everyone changes its ingredients and starts cook in every kind of meat like chicken, beef, mutton, etc.

Nepal – Sel Roti

We all know that Nepal has all the yummy dishes for us. So Nepal has one of the yummiest sweet dishes. This sweet dish is the most popular dish of Nepal. Sel roti is actually named “ roti “ “ chappati “ which is round-shaped and crispy and crunchy from outside and soft and creamy from inside.

Nepal – Thakali Khana

Thakali khana is a set of the most authentic dishes of Nepal. This is the collection of every type of food which the normal person wants to eat. We can say that this is the “BUCKET OF FOOD”. Thakali khana was first introduce in the region of Nepal which is known as “Thak khola”.

Nepal – Kanchemba

Kanchemba is the very famous snack of Nepal, which is served with pickle or any other type of spicy sauce. This is a very unique food or snack, almost few people know about it. This dish is the BUCKWHEAT FRIES, the most famous snack of Thakali and actually the STAPLE FOOD of Thakalis or Nepalese.

Nepal – Juju Dhau

Juju dhau is actually sweetened yogurt which is totally different in taste. This is called a “KING OF YOGURT” which is sweet in taste and so easy to make at home. The specialty of JUJu Dhau is you have to make it in a CLAY POT.

Nepal – Lumpiang Sariwa

Lumpiang sariwa is a roll that is filled with different varieties of vegetables and serves with sauces. The new version of Lampiang is a combination of meat grains, carrots, Kimoto, and baguettes.

Nepal – Bara

Bara is a very unique dish of Nepal that you must like. Most people think this is a pancake but no, it’s not a pancake, it just looks like a pancake because we made it in a pan and the structure is also like a pancake. Every festival, ceremonies like wedding ceremonies, parties, and religious events, all are incomplete without it. This dish is mostly famous in Nepal, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh.

Nepal – Tongba

Tongbaa is actually a very famous energetic drink of Nepal. It is the millet based alcoholic beverages of Nepal. The most common pronunciations are ” Tong-baa ” and “Tum-baa”. This drink is especially linked to the limbo people and very important for them religiously and culturally. Tongbaa is the symbol of RESPECT for LIMBU PEOPLE and they offer it to every guest as the respect.

Nepal – Sapu Mhicha

Sapu Mhicha is the special food of Nepal and it is also the unique food of Nepal. This dish is made especially at the festivals and occasions of Nepal. This dish is the sign of “PEACE and LOVE”. Sapu Mhicha is originated from Kathmandu Valley and then spread in Nepal and it is called Newari cuisine.

Nepal – Gundruk Ko Achar

It is one of the best dishes of Nepal cuisine. It is the pickle of gundruk which is made with different types of leaves that make it easy. This pickle is famous all around the world but especially in NEPAL, TIBET, INDIA, BHUTAN and many more. Gundruk is actually a green leafy vegetable that is fermented. It is famous in Nepal especially.