Levant, Palestine, Middle East – Knafeh Na’ameh

Knafeh is a delicious Cheese pastry dish. It is usually called Palestine dessert but included in many other Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. There is an ancient story of Knafeh, from the Fatimid Egyptian Empire or Umayyad Caliphate. There are also many variants of Knafeth in Greece, Turkey and Palestine.

Palestine, United Arab Emirates – Lamb Kubba

This dish is one of the best dishes of Palestine and Arabic cuisine. This is made up of meat and can be cooked as the vegetarian version of the dish. Palestinian cuisine is a food that is not even eaten by the people of Palestine but also Jordan, Israel, Refugee camps, nearby areas, etc. The cuisines that have a great impact on Palestinian cuisine are Turkish cuisine, Arabs, and Persians. The word Kubba is derived from the Arabic language, KUBBAH is also known as KIBBEH in Levantine Arabic language. The cuisine of Palestine has a great impact on other international cuisines.