Cameroon – Kombassa Soup

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Kombassa soup is a soup of raw plantains and chicken. Kombassa here stands for unity. So the use of kombassa in describing this meal has its great significance which means the food that unites. No one stands up and creates a new type of food diet without sufficient reasons behind his mind, that in his thoughts. This is the case with Kombassa soup. The region from which this meal comes from is a very rich and plentiful locality in terms of plantains. This is particularly why plantains has been incorporated in their food, precisely Kombassa soup. The way the plantains is being cooked is different from the traditional cooking style of plantains. This is what makes it to be nice and very succulent when eating. Kombassa soup comes from Kom in the North West region of Cameroon.

Cooking ingredients

  1. Half cup of red oil
  2. Half bundle of unripe plantains
  3. One quarter chicken
  4. Little quantity of salt and maggi is needed

Cooking procedure

  1. But one quarter chicken from the market.
  2. When you bring it home, wash it.
  3. After washing the one quarter chicken, cut it in small portions.
  4. After cutting it small portions, wash it again once more
  5. After washing it, boil the chicken
  6. Remove the peelings of the unripe plantains.
  7.  Cut the unripe plantains in small parts.
  8. After cutting it in small parts, wash it again.
  9. You can wash it like for two or three times.
  10. After washing it, put red oil on fire.
  11. Wait for the red oil to become hot.
  12. When the red oil has become hot, put the cut unripe plantains and the boiled chicken together in the pot on fire.
  13. Immediately, put salt and maggi in the food.
  14. Pour a two cups of water in the food on fire.
  15. Adding water will vary from how the food is getting ready, whether the food is getting ready or not. If the food gets ready fast, you will see no need of adding much water from time. The water you added from the start shall be enough and ready.

Serve your Kombassa soup and enjoy your meal to the best of ways!

Good Appetite!

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