Iran, Iraq – Khoresh-e-Qeyme

The most important dish is loved by every person who likes Persian and Iranian dishes. This is basically a stew of mutton in which vegetables like tomatoes, onions, peas, lime, and eggplant are added and serving is very important. The Iranian’s Culinary tradition is the combination of many different cuisine because they have great impact of their tradition to them. Stews are very traditional dish cooked on the ancient time. Demons were very familiar with the artof cooking stews and soups and when Persian was inspired by them they used to have it in their daily food.

Iran, Levant – Sogran Dolma (Beef Stuffed Onions)

In this dish, we basically have a stew in which beef stuffed onions are cooked and served with sour cream or yogurt. The concept of this dish is stuffing and wrapping. Sassanid period has the history of Iranian Culinary and cuisines. Dolma is the stuffed vegetable dish. There were many traditional dishes of vegetable stuffing in many Middle Eastern cuisines.

Iran, United Arab Emirates – Kabab Koobideh

This is one of the best dishes in Iranian Cuisine. Mostly used mincemeat is from lamb and beef. Chicken is rarely used in traditional dishes like this kabob koobideh. This dish is traditionally included in the national cuisine of Iran and also in many other cuisines but with different names. Iranian cuisine is included in the Khaleeji cuisine because this cuisine has a great impact on Arabian and Emirati cuisine. Iranian cuisine is known as āšpazi-e iranī in Persia and, the culinary culture evolved by time and influence by other traditions.

Algerian / Turkish – Baklava

Baklava is one of the most popular desserts ever made in this world. It is basically pastry which is made by adding nuts, pistachios over the filo sheets which is then baked in the oven. This dessert goes way back to the times of the Ottoman Empire. There is a dish in the Turkish cuisine which resembles quite a lot with the Baklava and some say that it is the origin of Baklava. There are many countries which have their own versions of Baklava.