Cambodia – Kampot Pepper Crabs

Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia. This country is the successor of the Khmer Empires located in the Indochina peninsula. Kampot pepper has a unique character its tastes both spicy and sweet at the same time.

Cambodia – Samlar Machu

Tonle Sap is a river and lake in Cambodia that flow in two different way during the year. In the monsoon season, Tonle Sap lake provides lots of food, freshwater fish that swim upstream. As an agricultural country, Cambodia has many delicious food variants, especially soup. Samlar Machu is one of the Cambodian sups that have a sour taste (Machu).

Cambodia – Beef Lok Lak

For those who seek a challenging culinary, you can visit Cambodia. But for you who seek delicious authentic food, Cambodia has several dishes to serve tourists who visit their country. To increase your appetite when visiting Cambodia, Lok Lak is the first choice.