Kenya – Fish Mseto

Among the people who prefer natural foods are those living in Kenya, Luo people. Kenya is a country found in eastern Africa bordering lake Victoria in the northern part.

Kenya – Nyama Choma

There are so many dishes in the world, many we don’t know about. Today is about Nyama Choma. This is very delicious dish valued by the Kenya people.

Kenya – Kichuri

Kenya has a long history with Kuria tribe. It’s the most dispersed tribe all over the country. Kuria people are likely to resemble with Maasai people in mode of eating especially meat. Today we will prepare Kichuri a goat intestine stew cooked along with the greens inside.

Kenya – Swahili Pilau

Swahili pilau is a dish that has its origin from the Coastal region of Kenya. The Coastal people of Kenya have adapted the culture of spicing their food; which was a culture inherited from the Arabs traders who visited the East African coast very many years ago.

Kenya – Beef Pilau

Pilau is a typical local dish from the Kenyan coast. The dish had its origin from there since the coastal people are known to have high appetite of spicy food.

Kenya – Irio (Mashed Peas and Potato Mix)

Irio is a Kenyan dish originate from Kikuyu staple made of green peas and potatoes being mashed together to give a greenish color dough like, later corn is added to accomplish the cooking process.

Kenya – Ndizi ya Kisii

Like I wrote in my past article on Banana cake, here is a meal that it is cooked with plantains. This is a plant that grows banana’s which is eating as fruit and plantains that is cooked or roasted before it is eaten.

Kenya – Kuku Paka

A cuisine is a traditional cooking habit. Kuku Paka is a Kenya dish. This dish is valued and enjoyed by the Kenyans. It consists of chicken, coconut milk and other spices.

Kenya – Red Ugali (Stiff Porridge)

Kenyan people do like Ugali, a stiff porridge. In Kenya if one prepare a ceremony without Ugali, they count it as a wastage of time, that is to mean Ugali is the best loved and respected meal in the country.