Sierra Leone – Fish balls

In Sierra Leone, Mende is the largest tribe in the country, but our cuisine today comes from the Krio people dishes. It is a taste dish as it contains the mix of fish meat and potatoes. This cuisine is very famous during cerebrations and special home events like birthday parties or harvesting ceremonies.

Sierra Leone – Binch

Binch is another dare cuisine from Sierra Leone. It is comprises of beans and spices served over with cassava or yams. It’s main ingrediwnt is black eye beans. Traditionally, binch cuisine was counted as among the best respected dishes because of the apperance of the beans.

Sierra Leone – Oleleh

From Sierra Leone I bring you the most delicious traditional dish, Oleleh. It is a mixture of black eyed beans, palm oil, yam and with many other ingredients. It has served a millions of inhabitants and foreigners, because it is sold in almost every available street in the country, probably even to the neighbors.