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Cameroon – Congo Meat

Congo meat is snail meat. Congo meat is well appreciated by the people of the North West parts of Cameroon due to the fact that it is believed to be a blood cleanser. People of Southern Cameroon are so much into the belief that they even turn up to rare snails so as to later on cook it and use in the purifcation of the blood by those who are either sick or healthy.

Egypt – Hawawshi

This dish, actually a street food, depends upon the filling of meat which is filled in a pita. This is called “PITA POCKET”. Its filling is just like qeema or kofta which is stuffed in pita pockets. It is one of the most popular Egyptian dishes because it is simple, tasty, and frozen. This dish is made by the butcher who named as Ahmed al-Hawawshi.

Japan – Hayashi Beef Rice

This dish is very popular Japanese dish having rice and beef thick sauce or stew/ gravy. In Japanese cuisine, YOSOKU is the term used in dishes of Japan which is mixed with Western style induced cooking. Although this is a dish of western style but flavours are from purely Japanese kitchen.