Nigeria – Ekuru and Ata Dindin

by Bob Huyu

Nigeria is a country located in western Africa, it is bordered by Niger in the north, Cameroon to the east, Benin in the west and Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic ocean to the southern part. Traditionally Nigeria has a lot of traditional cuisines mainly ingredients being vegetables and grain than meat.

Ekuru is originate from Yoruba tribe, people living in the southern part of the country, among three ethnic groups in tribes in Nigeria.

Ekuru is among the cuisine prepared primary from grains. It is cooked from peeled beans, blended and steamed. Ata Dindin is a fried peeper mix normally eaten with Ekuru, it is accompanies with smoked fish or fried meat, roast in the pepper mix. Ekuru may slightly loom like Moi moi but not, they are generally different.

Preparation of Ekuru is primary simple as it includes peeled beans, salt and water. Ata Dindin however, may be a little complicated in preparation therefore be careful to follow all of the cooking procedures.


  • 1/2 kg of peeled beans
  • locust beans
  • salt
  • ponmo
  • smoked fish
  • red bell pepper
  • dried shrimps 1 cup
  • 2 onions
  • palm oil
  • scotch bonnet chilies

Cooking procedures

  • Soak beans for 5 hours or all night long while refrigerated
  • Blend the peeled beans with some water to give a medium texture batter (not watery or too way thick).
  • Using hand mixer or wooden spoon, beat off the batter to incorporate air into the beans.
  • Wrap the batter into a cone shaped banana leaves or foil container.
  • Steam for about 40 minutes in a steamer cook. Make sure there is enough water to keep the steaming process for the time selected.
  • Turn off heat after 40 minutes and put aside for some time before unwrap it.

Ata Dindin preparation follows below;

  • Blend peppers with 1 and half onions chopped in a food blender, add some water while blending. Drain excess water after blending process completes.
  • Add palm oil in the pan, after oil gets heat, start to fry remaining onions and locust beans, fry for 30 seconds under medium heat. Add pepper mix along and keep mixing.
  • Add pormo and salt, you may add other favorite ingredients or seasoning and cook for 5 minutes.
  • Add fish and shrimps, keep the sauce cooked until oil floats on top.
  • Yes, we are done and ready to take our meal, enjoy with family or friends.
Ata Dindin
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