Pakistan, India – Chicken Qorma In Restaurant-Style

by Usama Tariq


Restaurant-style Chicken Qorma is a special and common dish in Pakistan. It is available at many restaurants or Dhabas’. This dish has its own uniqueness because it is made in many events like most of the marriages in Pakistan, like parties, Family gatherings,s, etc. It is very popular because of its fragrance and nutritional values. This dish has many kinds like you can make it with any sort of meat for example in mutton, beef, chicken, lamb, etc.  Pakistani peoples even every housewife knew how to make special aromatic chicken korma. It is the famous cuisine of Pakistan which has taste. Every province of Pakistan has a different taste like Sindhi has a different taste, Punjabi has a different taste but this dish is actually from Punjab.

Badami Beef Qorma

The name of this dish is chicken qorma, the word Qorma means actually a gravy or curry that is chicken gravy or chicken curry but the uniqueness of this name is very delectable that is “Qorma ”. There are many varieties of chicken Qorma like chicken Mughlai Qorma, Badami Qorma, Degi Qorma, etc.

Simple Mutton Qorma
Chicken Paneer Qorma

Historical point of view

The first-ever introduction to this dish from the Indian subcontinent or it is originated from the region of the subcontinent that is Indian subcontinent. The existence of this dish has been coming from royal families of the Indian subcontinent. When the cooks or chef of that time was making this dish, the King of that time was loving it, with the passage of time the dish has many changes with adding many new ingredients or dried fruits, like walnuts, almonds, coconuts, etc.


This dish is rooted in Indian Subcontinent.

Some Spice Ingredients

Ingredients Required

  •  (Almonds) blanched for garnishing
  • (Bay leaves) 3
  •  (Black cardamom) 2
  • -(Black cumin seeds) 1 tsp
  • (Black peppercorns) ½ tsp
  • (Butter) ½ tsp
  •  (Cinnamon sticks) 2-3
  •  (Cloves) 3-4
  • (Coriander powder) roasted 2 tbs
  •  (Ginger garlic paste) 2 tbs
  •  (Ginger) for garnishing
  • (Green cardamom) 5-6
  • (Mace powder) ¼ tsp
  •  (Nutmeg powder) ¼ tsp
  •  (Onion) sliced 2 large
  •  (Qorma cut) ½ kg
  •  (Red chili powder) 2 tsp
  •  (Salt) 1 tsp or to taste
  • (Star anise) 1
  •  (Water) ½ Cup or as required
  • (Yellow food color) ¼ tsp
  •  (Yogurt) sour 1 Cup
  • Garam masala powder ¼ tsp
  • Ghee ¾ Cup
  • Paprika powder 1 tsp
  •  Water 1 tsp

Cooking Method

  • First, take a pot put it on the burner at low flame.
  • Add and heat up 3 to 4 cup ghee in a pot.
  • Then add sliced onion to it and fry it until its color turns brown.
  • When onion fried (for crispy onion: evenly spread on tissue paper or towel to remove remaining oil).
  • Then set it aside in a separate place.
  • Now add 2 black cardamoms, 5 to 6 green cardamom, and 3 to 4 cloves in a pot (which you already used for onion frying).
  • Then add black peppercorns, star anise, cinnamon sticks (2 to 3), black cumin seeds (1 tsp), three bay leaves.
  • After adding these spice ingredients fry it for 1 minute on medium flame.
  • After frying add ginger garlic paste and mix it well.
  • Let’s add qorma cut chicken in it and fry until the chicken changes color.
  • Mix it well and cover it and cook for 4 to 5 minutes approximately.
  • Uncover it and add salt to taste, paprika powder, roasted coriander powder, red chili powder, yellow food color mix it well for almost 2 minutes.
  • After mixing it add ½ cup or as required water in it.
  • After add water turns off the flame.
  • Then include 1 cup yogurt and blend it well for 2 minutes and continue stir and cooking.
  • Now turn on the flame and add nutmeg powder, mace powder, and cook for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Let’s add crushed fried onion that you already fried and set aside, in chicken qorma.
  • Mix well, cover it and cook for 2 to 3 minutes approximately.
  • After cook, it adds garam masala powder, butter (1/2 cup), and kewra water.
  • Mix it well and spoil the blanched almonds for garnishing, ginger for garnishing.
  • Your special chicken qorma is ready to eat.
  • Serve it with special Nan, Chapatti, boiled rice, etc.
Serve it with boiled Rice

Nutritional Facts

  • Calories: 350 kcal
  • Proteins: 31% 12g
  • Fats: 9% 5.47g

Time Required

  • Preparation Time: 15 to 20 minutes
    • Cooking Time: 30 minutes
    • Total Time: 1 hour required.
    • Serving: 4 to 5
Eat with Naan Or Chapatti

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