Africa – Chicken Mishkaki (Stew)

By Breila Jack

Originates from south-Africa, this cusine is mainly made with chicken pieces being sticked and skewed.

Since chickens are found almost all over the globe (except Antartica) it is easy to make and prepare this cuisine anywhere you are.
Preparation of this cuisine consist of one chicken, one or two carrots, green pepper, apple fruit, onions(ones favour), salt and oil.
Boil water to remove chicken feathers, after that cut it into pieces so that it makes easy to remove it’s stek.


  • Prepare chicken and take off stek meat.
  • Mix meat stek with salt, little oil and garlic
  • Take green pepper, tomatoes, apple fruit, carrots and stick them as seen in the picture below.
  • Dip the mix into oil and put it on heat (charcoal stove or oven)
  • Keep rolling them if you use charcoal stove so that they won’t burn up.
  • Notice colour change to whitish, this means the skew is ready to eat.
  • Enjoy this skew.

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