Cameroon – Ayostos Fufu With Canda Soup

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Ayostos fufu with canda soup is a meal having the taste of groundnut paste that has been grinded. This means that the taste is like one of groundnut that has been fried then grinded to give it a brown paste. This is exactly how Ayostos fufu with canda soup is tasting like. When eating it for the first time, it gives you the impression that you are eating groundnut paste, whereas you are eating Ayostos fufu with canda. This food is not quite a popular food due to the appearance it has, whereas the taste is different from what many people think about it. Like it is always said, it is not the physical appearance of something that matters, but the innermost appearance and content of the thing. This is exactly the case Ayostos fufu with canda soup. Externally, it does not look gorgeous, but internally, the taste is magnificent and sumptuous. Ayostos fufu with canda soup is a meal from the Boroso in East of Cameroon.

Cooking method

The cooking style and method used in cooking Ayostos food is boiling and stewing. Since the ayostos fufu looks like fufu, it shall be boiled whereas the Canda soup shall stewed. The stewing process takes five minutes and the boiling process of the ayostos fufu takes like thirty minutes.

Cooking Ingredients

  1. Half kilo of ayostos flour
  2. Half kilo of canda

Seasoning ingredients

  1. One fresh onions
  2. Salt for tasting
  3. Red oil for stewing the canda soup

Cooking process

The first thing to begin cooking is canda soup. First cook the canda soup before cooking the ayostos fufu. Thus, we shall begin by cooking the canda soup.

Cooking process of Canda soup

  1. In order to begin cooking your canda soup, firstly wash the canda thoroughly, from within and also from without.
  2. Use a knife when washing the canda within. Use the sharp part of the knife in order to clean the inner part of the canda.
  3. Use the part of the knife that is not sharp to clean the outer part of the canda.
  4. After doing, proceed to the boiling of the canda.
  5. The boiling of the canda takes fifteen minutes.
  6. Wash the onions and slice it into small parts.
  7. Put the red oil on fire.
  8. Allow the red oil to steam, put the onions into the pot.
  9. After this, put the canda into the pot.
  10. Stew the food for around five minutes.
  11. After five minutes, remove the stew on fire.

Cooking process of the Ayostos fufu

  1. Put water on fire.
  2. Let the water be half pot of water on fire.
  3. Allow the water to become hot, like for thirty minutes.
  4. Shifter the ayostos flour.
  5. Shiftering permits to remove the dirt from the flour
  6. Put the ayostos flour on fire and begin to turn it over and over.
  7. Turn like for fifteen minutes.
  8. After ten minutes, turn the fufu again.
  9. Totally it has to stay for thirty minutes on fire.

Cooking this food is simple, though it demands patience like any other food, it is worth cooking at least.

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