Cameroon – Brown Pancakes

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Brown pancakes is pancakes eaten in the morning hours of the day. This is the fastest make up of breakfast that is easy to cook and very tasty in the mouth. Moreover, when you eat it, it stays longer in the stomach and it is very nutritional in sense of proteins, vitamins and many others like lipids and fats. The age group that enjoys eating this meal are the younger ones before they go to school since it is very sweat and consistent in the mouth. Though, it does not mean, the elder ones do not eat also. They do eat it, though the eating hours are slightly different. Children eat brown pancakes in the morning, whereas adults eat pancakes during the day, preferably at 1 PM or 2 PM. Brown pancakes has much influence and prevalence in the North West part of Cameroon.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in the cooking of brown pancakes is frying.

Cooking ingredients

  • Half kilo of flour
  • One quarter of powder sugar
  • Seven raw eggs
  • A cup of groundnut oil
  • A spoon of salt

Cooking process

  1. Break the seven raw eggs in a clean pan
  2. Pour in the half kilo of flour together with the one quarter of powder sugar into the pan of eggs
  3. Mix them all together till they become coherent and stick together.
  4. When they must have stuck together, proceed to the frying of the pancakes
  5. Wrap the pancakes round and place in a clean bowl
  6. Pour groundnut oil in a clean frying pan
  7. Wait for the groundnut oil to steam
  8. When the groundnut oil does steam, being frying the pancakes
  9. Fry all the pancakes and place in a clean pan.

When you finish frying them all, your pancakes is ready. Enjoy your brown pancakes so well.

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