Cameroon – Fish Pie

by Verdzekov Bernard

Fish Pie is a delicious cuisine that is made and eating by many throughout the world. The cuisine here in my country is made and sold in many places. It could be eating with juice as accompaniment. In Cameroon, you will see fish pie in occasions and many other gatherings like picnics. It is a classy and less heavy meal. We don’t just have fish pie, but also meat pie. How to prepare this, you will have to go through the procedures I wrote below. Am sure you must have heard about fish pie or meat pie or just pie. Today, reading or coming across this article on how pie is prepared, your doubt and problems will be solved. I will use simple worlds or language and guide to lead to a successful pie preparation. Pie is made in so many different ways. Every person has his/her own unique style of making pie. Not mixing things up, it is good you know that, fish pie is different from fish rolls. This are all pastries that have be cut open and fish or meat put inside before it is baked. When we use meat, it is called meat pie, and when we use fish, we call it fish pie.


  • Baking powder ½ or 1 teaspoon
  • 4 cups of flour
  • 10 table spoon of butter
  • Salt to taste
  • Egg
  • Fish (sardines)
  • Carrot
  • Green beans (optional)
  • Onions
  • Vegetable oil.
  • Pepper 
  • Maggi 


  • Wash the fish. Remove all bile from it and cut into three or four halves.  Put in pot and boil. This should take approximately 20-25min. when the fish is really soft, Divide and extract bones from the fish. Do your best to remove all bones. This is because fish pie isn’t so cool with bones in them. After remove the bones, mash the fish using a wooden spoon. 
  • Boil your carrot and green beans with salt to taste. Chop into small slices.
  • Heat up your vegetable, put onions and fry. After that add tomatoes if you wish, add curry powder and steer well. add your carrot and green beans and steer well.
  • Add your pepper and steer well. 
  • Add salt to taste and Maggi. 
  • Add your fish and steer well. Put aside.
  • To make your dough, put flour in a bowl, with butter, salt to taste and baking powder and mix well using your hands until everything is fully mixed together. 
  • Make a well add water in the middle, mix until it forms your dough. If too hard, add some more water and mix well again until your dough is maintained. Note that, your dough shouldn’t be to sticky or to hard. 
  • On a smooth table, throw some flour on it and put your dough on it. Roll the dough until it is flat. 
  • When it is flat use a cup with a round opening to carve the dough. The sizes vary to the mouth of the cup. If the cup has a wide opening, the larger the pie, if less wide, the pie will be small. This depends on you solely. If you want a pie where by, after eating just one the person is satisfied you could make it big as well as if you want to eat the pie multiple times before getting satisfied, you could use a less wide cup to calve out your dough.
  • After you have made the circles, put some already made fish stew in the dough and close them. Using a fork, seal the edges of the dough. Do like this for all until your dough and prepared fish source is finish.
  • You can make any styles of your choice. That is with the dough. 
  • Greece your baking tray with oil, and line up all your pies on it. To have a glossy look, beat egg and rob on the top of the pie. Put in the oven and bake. This could take 25-30 to get ready. Remove and serve with prepared fruit juice, or with anything of your choice.


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