Cameroon – Gum Gum With Brown Fish Sauce

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Gum Gum with brown fish sauce is cooked for various reasons like traditional reasons and domestic reasons for various purposes. Traditional reasons like the celebration of the intronisation of a new head of village or when the head of family is welcoming the delegation from the head of village into his house. In the other way round, Gum Gum with brown fish sauce is cooked domestically when the family want to share a meal together. The sharing of the meal is a way to tighten the family ties so as to bring them closer and closer together. Gum Gum with brown fish sauce is a traditional meal that is being prepared in the West part of Cameroon, precisely in the Nde and Noun division in the Western part of the region.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in the preparation of Gum Gum with brown fish sauce is stewing and boiling.

Cooking Ingredients

  1. Gum Gum flour
  2. Two fresh fish
  3. Five cups of groundnut
  4. Two fresh tomatoes
  5. One onions
  6. A glove of garlics
  7. A glove of ginger
  8. A hand full of fresh celery
  9. A hand full of fresh percil

Seasoning ingredients

  1. Salt to taste
  2. Maggi cube to taste
  3. Yellow pepper to taste.
  4. Red pepper to taste.

Cooking process

  1. Remove the peelings off the groundnut
  2. Fry the groundnut till it becomes completely
  3. After frying the groundnut, grind it with a grinding machine for it to become a paste.
  4. Clean the fresh fish, then slice it into small parts.
  5. After cutting it into small parts, you can then fry the fish. Make sure to fry the fish to be entirely dry.
  6. Now wash the fresh tomatoes alongside the percil and celery.
  7. After washing them, cut them into small pieces then grind them with the use of a moulinex.
  8. Put a pot on fire
  9. Pour groundnut oil on fire.
  10. Wait for the groundnut oil to steam. When it steam, pour into the pot the tomatoes alongside the celery and the percil you grinded before.
  11. Wait for a period of two to three minutes.
  12. After three minutes, pour into the pot the grinded groundnut paste.
  13. After this, put into the pot, the fried fish.
  14. Stir the pot continuously for around two minutes
  15. After this, allow the food on fire for about three minutes.
  16. After this, pour into the pot water like 450mil.
  17. Close the pot for about five to ten minutes.
  18. Before then, make sure to pour a little bit of salt into the pot, then also some maggi. Two of it is enough.
  19. Then after this, close the pot for five to ten minutes.
  20. Allow the food to become ready very well.
  21. After ten minutes, your brown fish sauce is ready.

Proceed then to the cooking of Gum Gum flour

  1. Put water on fire and wait for it to steam.
  2. When it is very hot, pour into the pot the gum gum flour.
  3. Begin to stir the food till the flour becomes like hard
  4. From time to time, make sure to add in small water so as to soften it.
  5. Depending on how you want, whether it is soft or hard, use water to make it as you like.
  6. When the gum is ready, remove from fire and serve unto a clean as in the picture below to together with the sauce.

Enjoy your meal!

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