Cameroon – Jakiri Village Roasted and Boiled Mou Mou Fish

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Jakiri mou mou fish is a fish living in muddy areas. This is the reason, it is called, mou mou fish. Jakiri  village roasted and boiled mou mou fish is a fish type being caught in the Rivers of Jakiri, as it is a muddy area where fish grows abundantly. Inhabitants of this locality have the tendency of eating this fish fresh, that is why the boil it before roasting. They say it is the best way to eat fish. Since fish is full of proteins, they believe that by frying the fish, it has no proteins any longer, so this why they do, half preparing when cooking the fish. The taste of the fish is quite awesome as when eating it, you can still feel the freshness of the fish in your mouth. Jakiri is a locality found in the North West part of Cameroon. It is surrounded by hills and a moving water that has a landscape of mud which is quite conduicive for the development of special species of fish.


This food is being cooked by half roasting and half boiling. The taste is unique in the mouth. There is no doubt about this aspect. It does not seem raw, but just fresh and very appetizing in the mouth.

Cooking ingredients

  • Two Mou Mou fish
  • Celeri
  • Percil
  • Red pepper
  • Green pepper.
  • Yellow pepper
  • Barbecue stand

Cooking Process

  1. Wash the fish
  2. Clean the fish using a knife
  3. Cut it into your desired sizes. Cutting it into two halves will be the ideal.
  4. Then wash your fish and keep in a clean place.
  5. Move to the spices.
  6. Wash your spices and cut into small pieces.
  7. Grind the red and yellow pepper together.
  8. Grind the celeri and percil at the same moment.
  9. Now proceed with the mou mou fish.
  10. The first thing to do is to boil your mou mou.
  11. Make sure to boil it at a very low degree.
  12. After boiling it, remove it from fire immediately.
  13. Now proceed with the roasting.
  14. Make sure you do what is called half roasting.
  15. Using a barbecue grillade, place the fish on for a period of three minutes. When it is about to become ready, remove the mou mou fish from fire.

The mou mou fish can be eaten with many things like miondo or even with cassava and ripe plantains.

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