Cameroon – Nso Koki Corn

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Nso koki corn is a form of corn that is opposite to the legendary known type of Koki, known as Koki beans. Koki corn because, the koki is made of corn and moreso, it is very strong in appearance and its taste it just like hard bread that has been cooked and not baked as it is the case of bread that is being baked. In the mouth, it has the feeling of being hard and soft at the same time, though generally, it is harder in the mouth and also when you touch with your hands. Instead of cooking Koki beans like other regions of Cameroon, in the Nso locality, it is Koki corn that is being cooked at the expense of koki beans. Nso koki corn is a meal from the Banso inhabitants, also known as the Nso inhabitants.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in the cooking of Nso koki corn is the one of boiling. You boil the Koki corn so as to make it ready.

Cooking ingredients

  1. Five cups of fresh corn, be it red or yellow corn.
  2. A cup of red oil
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Maggi to taste
  5. Five plantain leaves for the wrapping of the koki corn paste
  6. Six Cocoa yam leaves

Cooking process

  1. Select the dirt from the corn
  2. Wash the fresh corn with a good moulinex or at a grinding store
  3. Wipe the plantains leaves
  4. Warm the plantains leaves with the use of fire, then wipe the plantains leaves once more.
  5. Cut the cocoa yam leaves into very small pieces
  6. Then wash them after cutting them
  7. Steam the red oil for about ten minutes
  8. Take the paste of the grinded corn. In the paste, mix with the cocoa yam leaves and the steamed red oil , then put small salt and a little bit of maggi.
  9. Stir the paste very well mixing them altogether at once.
  10. Put the paste unto the plantains leaves, one after the other. Do so, till you finish wrapping the plantains leaves, then make sure to tie it at the end of each. Use a rope in tying and make sure to tie it very well so as not to allow water to enter into the koki corn paste.
  11. Put the wrapped Koki corn paste in a clean pot, pouring a cup of clean water into it.  Put a cup of 400mil containing water into the pot.
  12. Put the pot on fire
  13. Close the pot for around thirty minutes,
  14. After thirty minutes, add water into the pot, practically the same amount of water you first added.
  15. Allow the pot on fire for a maximum time of one hour thirty minutes.
  16. After this time, your koki corn is ready. In general, cooking or boiling corn generally stays longer on fire.

Your Koki corn is ready to be eaten.

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