Cameroon – Mbaah (Sweet Yam and Coco Leaves Sauce)

by Nghonazie Annabel

Sweet yam and coco leaves sauce commonly known as Mbaah in the North West region of Cameroon is a kind of native dish which is eaten by the people of the tikary clan of Cameroon and those in kom and wum. Most grandmothers love preparing this meal as it is less expensive and they believe that it is nutritive and delicious. Just going to your backyard in the village, most of the ingredients used or rather the main ingredients needed to prepare this delicious dish will be found in the backyard. It is very economical and less stressful to prepare. If one goes to visit the grandmother in the village and she doesn’t prepare Mbaah for you that means she is not in good health otherwise she will welcome you with this delicious meal. This delicious sauce is eaten with sweet yams, white yams, sweet potatoes and even Irish potatoes, ripe plantains as well as unripe plantains, Ibo coco and makabo coco.

Cooking method

Mbaah is prepared by boiling and stewing

Cooking ingredients            

  • Fresh soft coco leaves
  • Sweet yams
  • Palm oil
  • Tomatoes
  • Crayfish
  • Onions
  • Country onions
  • Hot pepper
  • Salt and Maggi to taste

Cooking process

  1. Select soft fresh coco leaves and wash well under running water
  2. Take the coco leaves to the boil and boil very well to make sure it doesn’t itch in the throat when eaten
  3. Remove the boiled leaves and allow to cold down
  4. When it’s no longer hot, use a grinding stone to ground the boiled coco leaves until smooth
  5. Slice tomatoes and onions and put aside
  6. Select crayfish and put aside
  7. Put red palm oil in the pot and warm it just slightly. It’s not advisable for the palm oil to be bleached
  8. Put the sliced onions and tomatoes in the oil and stir until its ready
  9. Add crayfish and hot pepper and stir
  10. Now add the ground coco leaves to the mixture and stir well
  11. Allow to cook for 7-10 minutes
  12. Mbaah is ready
  13. Wash sweet yams and take to the fire
  14. Boil for 2-3 hours
  15. When it’s ready remove and peel, slice into slices and save in a plate
  16. Save the coco leaves sauce alongside the sweet yams
  17. Enjoy your meal
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