Cameroon – Mbagogo Fish

by Joella Eve

As it generally known, fish is one of the sources of food that is very rich in proteins and it remains reliable source of proteins. Though in some cases, not all aquatic food can be good for the human body and the human system in general. In the case of this fish, the Mbagogo fish that is being breed up locally is very good for the human body as everything that is being used in breeding it up is a hundred percent natural. There is no use of artificial products or chemicals. The reason for the coming to scene of this fish is to give the local communities things that are being produced here locally. Not the first of its kind, the Mbagogo fish is among the others that are fast rising up to so as to supply local food articles to the community. The specificity of this fish is that it is very sweat in the mouth as it has the taste of soft meat due to the thickness of its layers. The bones are not so many and are small in size. The majority of the skin of the fish contains layers of meat making gorgeous to eat and sweat at the same time. The Mbagogo fish comes from the Mbungo town in Cameroon.

The Method of cooking

The method of cooking the Mbagogo fish is boiling and steaming.

Cooking Ingredients

The cooking ingredients of the Mbagogo fish are the following. You are free to add your own ingredients if you want to give it more taste. Using the listed ingredients below is still enough to make it very tasty and sweat.

  1.  Two fresh Mbagogo fish
  2. Two fresh carrots
  3. One Onions
  4. Ground nut oil
  5. One Maggi cube
  6. Celery
  7. Percil
  8. Two gingers
  9. A glove of garlics
  10. Three red pepper

Cooking Process

 The cooking process of Mbagogo fish is as follows;

  1. Clean the Mbagogo fish and cut the layers
  2. Clean the fish also from within and without at the same time
  3. Wash the onions and slice into small parts
  4. Wash the two carrots and slice in very small parts
  5. Wash the celery and cut in small parts
  6. Wash the percil and cut in small parts
  7. Wash the three red pepper as it is very important
  8. Peel off the gingers and cut in small parts
  9. Peel off the garlics and cut in small parts
  10. Grind the percil, celery, the three red pepper, ginger and garlics together
  11. Put in a clean small bowl.
  12. Then, boil the fish for about five minutes
  13. Put the grinded ingredients on them
  14. Steam the fish for about five minutes.
  15. When steaming the fish, make sure to change side over side. Do not just steam one side. Do well to steam the two sides.
  16. Each side has a duration of five minutes. After five minutes, change the side.
  17. Put the fish on something clean, then take the cut onions and carrots and place beside the fish just like in the picture below.

Enjoy your Mbagogo fish.       

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