Cameroon – Mbangem Suburbs Roasted Fish With Manioc

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Mbangem suburbs roasted fish is a quite a unique meal due to its freshness. The taste of this fish is very fresh, it is not cold like the case of eating fish, but this time, it is very fresh due to the fact that it has just been removed from water. This type of fish is a tradition among the Doualas due to the fact that the eating of this type of fish often happen during their cultural week and also after their cultural week. It is often a special moment as people are given the chance to see things that are metaphysical and more so, the Mbangem suburbs roasted fish with manioc is part of this tradition due to the fact that the way the fish is being caught and roasted are being done in special ways like catching the fish directly with hands and with no use of the fishing net and the fish is being roasted immediately as it comes out of water, that is when it is still alive. Our today’s local cuisine is located in Mbangem, Douala Cameroon. Mbangem is village located beside the Wouri River in Douala.

Cooking Method

Mbangem suburbs roasted fish with manioc is cooked by roasting

Cooking ingredients of Mbangem suburbs roasted fish with manioc

  • Fresh fish from River Wouri
  • Congiment
  • Celeri
  • Percil
  • Red pepper
  • Yellow pepper
  • On fresh onions

Cooking season ingredients for the fresh fish

  • Maggi cube
  • Salt
  • Little quantity of groundnut oil
  • Maggi crevette

Cooking Process of this special food

  1. Clean your fresh fish, but do not cut or slice it. Allow it full
  2. Trim it in order to put the salt into it. Do it on both sides
  3. Rub groundnut oil on it. Do it on both sides.
  4. Prepare the condiment along side with the celeri and the percil, wash them.
  5. Grind the condiment, celeri and the percil. When grinding pour in a little bit of water in order to ease the grinding and make the ingredients little watery.
  6. Prepare your fire side, if it is a barbecue stand or a grillade.
  7. Set up the fire
  8. Begin roasting your fresh fish.
  9. Make sure that when roasting, you turn the sides frequently. Do not concentrate just on one side, do the roasting on two sides, turning the two sides frequently enables the fish to be balanced and be ready at the same moment. Do this for a period of ten minutes, sharing five minutes for each side of the fresh fish.
  10. When doing this, be putting small groundnut oil on the two sides of the fish when roasting a side. Do not put much oil, a little is enough.
  11. After a period of ten minutes of roasting on fire, your fresh is ready. To enjoy it best, make sure to eat when it is still hot.

Serve along with the grinded condiment and celeri with percil.

Also, serve your grinded pepper beside the fish.

Slice onions and throw on the roasted fish.

Cooking process of the Manioc

  1. Peel off your manioc
  2. Wash your manioc using clean water
  3. Boil in a pot of water for a period of thirty minutes.
  4. After thirty minutes, remove pot from fire.
  5. Your manioc is ready.

Enjoy your Mbangem suburbs roasted fish with manioc

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