Cameroon – Scotched Egg

by Verdzekov Bernard

Scotch egg is a wonderful meal. I don’t know if I should call it a meal or not, but just eating two or sometimes even one of a rich scotch egg, you may get full or satisfied. It is so delicious and could be eating with just pepper sauce and a cold drink. Scotched egg can be prepared and served by anyone who knows how to go about the preparation. It is not tide to a particular region, tribe or country. But this strategy or process below is the style I use in preparing my scotched in Cameroon. it is easy and straight to the point. Scotched egg is common during pick-nicks, little gatherings or meetings and sometimes you will see it in occasions like weddings and funerals to. To prepare your scotched egg, follow process below;

Kitchen tools

  • Deep frying pan with frying spoon
  • Whisk 
  • Plate
  • Flat chopping board 
  • Bowl 
  • Knife
  • Forks  


  • Eggs  
  • Plain flour 
  • White bread crumbs 
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Nutmeg (optional)
  • Meat (optional)


  • Make sure your eggs are good before using them to start preparation. Bad eggs usually have a bad smell when cracked. What more of preparing a bad egg and eating it, that will only disrupt your stomach and may bring you terrible complications.
  • Get cold water in a glass or deep bowl, drop your eggs in it. Drop one at a time. That which sinks is good. That which remains floating, just keep aside. Do this process for all the eggs you are to use for you scotched egg preparation.
  • For all the good eggs, boil them. After they are boiled, remove and put in cold water, then peel the shelve. Keep the shelve aside don’t throw them. If your egg doesn’t cool before you start peeling of the shelve, you are likely going to spoil the smooth nature of the eggs. 
  • Prepare your flour, crack two or four eggs into your flour. 
  • Add pinch of salt and mix with your palms.
  • Mix until it forms your dough. If too hard, add little bit of water and mix well until the water is lost into the dough. Make sure your dough is smooth. You may want to make your dough rich, add nutmeg when mixing. When your dough is ready, cut into small shapes. Place your boiled eggs in each and roll over in presentable shapes and sizes. Crack one or two eggs and put in a bowl. Deep dough in egg and keep aside. Do like that for all. 
  • Get your deep-frying pan and stand on heat with your vegetable oil in it. 
  • Put you’re your rolled dough with eggs in them into the oil and fry until the dough is golden brown.  

This is an easy way of preparing scotched eggs. Some people will love to make theirs too rich. 

  • Add your grind meat and chopped spices. Add during mixing process of your flour. Add your bread crumbs and mix. Put your dough on a flat surface and put your boiled eggs in them and roll over into your desired shapes. Then fry.
  • You could still use milk when mixing your dough. In place of adding water, add instead your liquid milk. 

NOTE: Don’t forget to test each egg to make sure they are good before boiling. 

Serve with fried pepper sauce and cold drink. 


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