Cameroon – Roasted Plum With Dry Plantains

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Roasted plum with dry plantains is an evening meal prepared in the evening by evening vendors, which is sellers that sell just in the evening. This meal is well appreciated by workers that are coming back from work in the evening times. It is a simple meal to prepare and can be cooked by anyone that wishes to cook it. The meal is found in all the regions of Cameroon, but more particularly in the center region and the littoral region of the country. These two regions come out on top of the other regions from all the regions of Cameroon.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in the cooking of plum with dry plantains is that of roasting.

Cooking ingredients

  1. Four plums( You can roast as much as you will like to eat)
  2. Five dry plantains(You can roast as much as you will like to eat)

Cooking process

  1. Cut a little bit the plums with the use of a knife
  2. Remove the peelings of the dry plantains.
  3. Put charcoal on fire
  4. Light the charcoal on fire
  5. Begin roasting the plum. When roasting the plum, make sure to turn the side, not allowing any side. Roasting all sides altogether. After roasting the plum, proceed to the roasting of the dry plantains.
  6. Having removed the peelings of the dry plantains, roast them one after the other, making sure to roast them very lighly. When roasting the plantains, make sure to take your time. Do not be on the haste. Take your time when roasting the dry plantains. It should not be too burnt, but lightly burnt. This will make it easier to eat and chew.
  7. Having roasted the plantains, roasted plum with dry plantains is ready to eat.

Enjoy your meal.

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