Italy – Pizza

by Umer Butt


Pizza is one of the most iconic dishes ever made. It is a dish which truly represents the Italian cuisine. Wherever you eat it your mind automatically goes to Italy. Pizza is basically made by making a dough from dried yeast combined with water and flour. This dough is used as the base on which different stuff is added as toppings. Italians basically are fond of tomato paste and cheese so in their pizzas you will always find these. You can add many more stuff on the pizza like olives , garnishes and even protein like chicken etc. Lastly the pizza is baked in a wooden oven traditionally but many people does not have access to it at their homes so they use their own baking ovens. Each country has its own specialty for making pizza that is why it is so popular. There are more than 3000 variations throughout the whole world. This shows how much pizza is loved. People tend to eat it in restaurants more often because as I’ve told you before it is made in wooden ovens there and the pizza made in these type of ovens have so much more natural flavor and feels like a proper pizza. Pizza is loved by everyone and is one of the best fast foods ever made. There are over 5000+ franchises who sell pizza. It is also a very good gathering food and even on special occasions. Basically you can eat it any time and have a great time.


The word Pizza came into light first in the 10th century and it was found in a Latin manuscript in the town Gaeta in Lazio Italy. However this version of Pizza was not the one which we are used to eating nowadays. It was different and the way its dough was made it was another different process. The modern day pizza came into existence late in the city of Naples . After which pizza got so much recognition that it became famous worldwide . It all started from Italy and then moved to other parts of Europe then to everywhere. Nowadays each different region of Italy makes its own version of Pizza and it is named after their region . It is one of Italy’s proper delights and is the the food to have.


There have been many different foods which sound and look like pizza in the past . During the Neolithic Age people used to make bread and add stuff on it to make it more flavorful just like the modern day pizzas. Another instance like this occurs in the 6th century by the Persian soldiers of the Achaemenid Empire . They used to make flatbreads and added many things like cheese and dates over them.

Another story which is written in the poem Aeneid explains that the Trojans during the time of Queen Harpies used to shout for food and did not stop until they got it so they used to serve them round breads on which vegetables were added for toppings and they would eat it until they were full.

The modern day pizza was created in Naples in the 18th century before that flatbreads were used normally topped with different ingredients. Later when pizza became popular in Italy it went to America when Italian immigrants went there. The places where they stayed became the places where they opened the pizza shops and soon pizza became popular . Lombardi’s was the first pizzeria who opened his shop and after the second World War the Italian soldiers who came to America were welcomed with these Italian cuisines and mostly pizzas. Italy has a rich history with Pizza and that is why it is considered the best of its cuisines because it is recognized because of it.


  • A small version of Pizza is called pizzetta.
  • The person who makes pizzas is known as  pizzaiolo.
  • The place where pizza is made is known as pizzeria.


There are many variations in which pizza can be made. It all depends on the toppings.

  • Pizza Capricciosa : It is a pizza which is made with mushrooms , artichokes and ham as the protein.
  • Pizza Margherita : It is an Italian special pizza made with tomatoes , mozzarella etc.
  • Pizza Marinara : Another Italian classic pizza made with garlic , tomato paste , olive oil etc.
  • Chicken Pizza : This type of Pizza is common in Asian countries and used chicken with cheese.
  • Seafood Pizza ; This type of Pizza has seafood in it. Mediterranean countries eat this type of pizzas.


  • Flour 2/3 cups
  • Water 1 3/4 cups
  • Dry Yeast
  • Olive Oil 2 tbsp.
  • Cheese
  • Tomato sauce
  • Parsley
  • Salt 1 tbsp.


  • First we need to make the dough. In order to make the perfect dough you would require to make it the day before so it can be fermented overnight.
  • Take a bowl and add the above mentioned water in it.
  • Add the dry yeast.
  • Also add some olive oil.
  • Mix well.
  • Take another bowl and add flour in it.
  • Add the yeast mixture in it and mix it until the required mixture is achieved.
  • Once done take the dough out and sprinkle some flour on it.
  • You need to mix the dough with your hand. Toss it around and keep mixing the dough.
  • Once the dough is ready wrap it up nicely with a cloth and let it ferment overnight.
  • The next day take it out and again use flour to mix it.
  • Once this step is done you need to make it round and flat to give it the shape of the pizza.
  • Add the layer of tomato sauce.
  • Sprinkle some cheese.
  • Add some parsley for garnish.
  • Pre heat the oven before hand so that base of the pizza can be cooked.
  • Place your pizza on the pizza tray and place it in the oven at 270 degrees C for about 40 minutes.
  • Once done take it out and serve.
  • Enjoy


COOKING TIME : 45 minutes
TOTAL TIME : 75 minutes
YIELDS : 3-4 people


Calories 288
Total Fat
Cholesterol 21mg
Total Carbohydrates 37g
Sugars 4g
Protein 13g
Sodium 650mg
Potassium 188mg

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