Ethiopia – Asa

by Alkased Mamim

Asa is a dish to present a fish such as Nile perch, that it fried and served with other foods like rice, stiff porridge or fried bread.

Ethiopia is among the African countries that stays on focus to hold their traditional eating styles, this is proved with the presence of Injera in almost all of the table foods. Injera is a pancake like fried bread, that acts as an under carpet for all foods prepared to be on top of it.

This mode of eating brings all family member to gather during meal time, again this keeps a secret of togetherness, compared to other forms of eating by which every family member takes food at his/her own time.

Here are the procedures to follow when preparing Asa, welcome.

Preparation and Cooking steps

  • Prepare fishes in accordance of the need.
  • Scale them off, remove internal wastes as well as eyes.
  • Prepare the followings;
  • Lemons or vinegar
  • Salt
  • Grinned garlic
  • Fish curry
  • Some pepper powder
  • Wrap the fishes with the mix of the prepared ingredients.
  • Wait for 5 minutes so that they mix well with fishes meat.
  • Prepare frying oil.
  • Start to fly fishes with accordance of the number a pan size can carry.
  • Frying them may take about 10 minutes to be ready.
  • Keep repeating the process until all are fried.

Our delicious Asa cuisine is ready. Enjoy it with Family members altogether.


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