Kenya – Irio (Mashed Peas and Potato Mix)

by Mabimbi Don

Irio is a Kenyan dish originate from Kikuyu staple made of green peas and potatoes being mashed together to give a greenish color dough like, later corn is added to accomplish the cooking process.

Kenyan people like natural foods with little or no artificial ingredients mixed with their foods, this has been counted as a significance for their lifespan of 62 compared to it’s neighbor countries like Tanzania with 60 and Uganda with 58 according to Wikipedia

Let us prepare Irio from Kenya, welcome.

Preparation and Cooking method

  • 5 big potatoes or 1/2 kg of it and 1/2 kg of green peas;
  • Clean green peas and peel potatoes to make them ready for cooking.
  • Prepare cooking pan, add both potatoes and green peas, add water and salt.
  • Start to boil for about 20 less minutes, make sure some soup remains.
  • When potatoes and green peas are ready, start to mash them until they mix well.
  • Take 1/4 kg of soft corns, wash them and boil them aside for 30-45 minutes, make sure they are also ready.
  • Mix them with mashed Irio as seen in picture, add some oil to give a bond like force and dry excess water.

Once all the processes are well followed, you will enjoy the looking of the meal, not so far to it’s taste. In Kenya Irio is taken with meat roast or any other vegetable roast.

Irio with meat roast
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