Sierra Leone – Jollof Rice

by Verdzekov Bernard

Sierra Leone is a country located on the west cost of Africa. It shares borders with Guinea to the north and northeast, Liberia and the Atlantic Ocean. On like any other country, Sierra Leone have rice as one of their main dishes that they eat. They have a way they prepare theirs and enjoy it. I hope writing on this cuisine eating by those from sierra Leone, I hope their recipe and end results will please you. Follow guide below;


  • 5 cups of long rice
  • Meat or chicken
  • Tomatoes
  • Salt to taste
  • Maggi
  • Onions 
  • Curry powder  
  • Water


  • Wash meat, cut into small eatable slices, boil with onions and salt to taste. This should take at most 20-25min to cook well.
  • Prepare meat or chicken stew. To prepare your meat or chicken stew, put your vegetable oil in a pot, allow it to heat up, fry your onions and tomatoes, add your salt to taste, maggi and pepper, stir well. 
  • Add boil meat with stock. Stir well and cover pot. allow pot for about 10-15min. Open and stir. Add your curry powder for scent.
  • Wash your rice, drain and add to the to stew and stir well. Don’t cover pot yet. Stir and stir for about 10min. 
  • Add remaining stock and cover pot. 
  • Open after 10min and make sure water is not dried off when the rice is not ready yet. 
  • Add water if necessary. This should take 25-30min for it to get ready.

Serve and Enjoy Sierra Leone jollof rice.

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