South Africa – Chakalaka

by Verdzekov Bernard

South Africa is a country in Africa. It is one of the most popular country in the African continent. In South Africa, normally they have their cultures and tradition they look up to. Though the country is made up of white people also, it hasn’t stopped the South African people from acting African. They sing songs that represent the culture, they cook food and share a particular bond I don’t think can be destroyed. 

Chakalaka like most African dishes is very spicy and delicious. The meal is made up of a lot of mix nutritional ingredient than could boost growth and good health to those that consume it. This is a meal Valued in South Africa and eating in most other parts in Africa. If this is your first time to know about Chakalaka, you should know is delicious and could be eating for a family gathering or reunion. To prepare this meal, make sure you put together the ingredients listed below before you commerce cooking. 


  • Onions 
  • Tomatoes
  • Salt to taste
  • Maggi 
  • Dry fish 
  • Dry meat (optional)
  • Ginger
  • Green bell pepper 
  • Vegetable oil
  • Red bell pepper 
  • Beans
  • Bouillon powder
  • Carrot  
  • Curry powder 
  • Thyme ½ 
  • Garlics 
  • Cabbage 


  • Bake your beans, with salt and Maggi. White bean is preferable.
  • Chop your cabbage and keep aside.
  • Chop tomatoes and onions and keep aside.
  • Clean ginger and garlics and blend. Keep aside
  • Boil water and steep chopped cabbage in it. Allow for about 2min, stir with a wooden spoon, turn into a strainer and squeeze. Rinse with clean fresh water and keep aside.
  • Scatter fish with your five fingers and put into water and rinse. 
  • Wash meat and boil well with salt to taste for about 15-20min. Remove and keep aside. 
  • Using your main cooking, heat up oil, add in onions and fry for 2min, add tomatoes and fry for 2min making sure you are stirring well. 
  • Add ginger and garlics and stir well. Stir well for about 3min. 
  • Add your cabbage and stir. The way in which you add your cabbage is very necessary. Don’t just add up everything. Add gradually while you stir. Add and stir. Add and stir. Until it is finish. You must not put all the cabbage as well. Put the require amount you need.
  • Add a little oil and stir well. Allow pot for about 2min while you chop your carrot into presentable shapes and put on the cabbage and stir. Add your green bell pepper and red bell. Stir well.  Add your dry fish and dry boiled meat if possible. 
  • Add your baked beans and stir well. Add your curry powder and bouillon powder and stir well. Add salt to taste and maggi and stir well. Close pot and allow for about 15min for all ingredients to blend. Remove and serve with white boiled rice boiled ripped plantains.


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