Italy – Lasagne Bolognese With Bechamel Sauce


Lasagna is one of Italy’s finest cuisines ever made. It has a place in the heart of the Italian cuisine and wherever it is eaten around the world the mind of that person goes from his own country to Italy and its incredible cuisines. Lasagna is basically a thin pasta layer dish which has a filling inside of it made up of ground beef and other spices along with a sauce which is laid beneath the dish to give it an creamy base. It is then baked in the oven to give it a crunchy texture. Lasagna is eaten everywhere in the world and is loved by everyone and has many different variants in different countries but its originality keeps it the dish to eat every time.


Lasagna was first made in the city of Naples where this dish became popular in no time. It is said to be made first in the middle age times and its first recipe was published in the 14th century. If we compare that recipe to our modern day recipes not much has changed because the originality of lasagna is so simple and elegant that no major change is required for adding more flavor. It is already as good as it gets.


The word Lasagna was embraced from the Greek dish “Lasanum” which meant “cooking pot” because it was made in it and that is why the Italians named their cuisine Lasagna because the cookware in which this dish is made is referred to as Lasagna.


  • Olive Oil 4 tbsp.
  • Ground Beef 500g
  • Onion 1
  • GARLIC 1-2 Cloves
  • Beef stock 200ml
  • Tomato paste 400g
  • Parsley
  • Basil
  • Red paprika powder
  • SALT


  • BUTTER 50g
  • FLOUR 30g
  • MILK 1/2L
  • CHEESE (Any type you want)
  • SALT


  • Take a bowl and tomato paste in it.
  • Add the garlic in it along with the red paprika powder.
  • Now add in the bowl some parsley and basil
  • Give the bowl a stir to mix everything.
  • Take a pinch of salt and pepper and sprinkle over the bowl and mix everything.
  • Set the bowl aside and take a pan and add some olive oil in it over medium heat.
  • Chop some onions and put them into the pan and let them cook until a brown color is formed.
  • Add the given amount of ground beef in the pan and let it cook over medium heat.
  • Once a color is formed add the sauce which we made in the bowl earlier and put it in the pan
  • Mix everything and let it cook for some time
  • Finally add some beef stock in the pan and let the beef soak it in.
  • Add some parsley in the end to give a vibrant flavor.
  • Your filling is ready set it aside.


  • Take a pan and add the mentioned butter in it and let it melt over medium heat.
  • Add flour in it and mix
  • Add milk in afterwards and also any type of cheese you want.
  • Sprinkle some salt and pepper on it
  • Add some nutmeg in it if you want it is totally up to you.
  • Mix everything and cook for about 5 mins
  • Your sauce is ready


  • Both of our main components are ready so now it is the time to assemble the dish and bake it.
  • Take a large flat bowl and brush its base with our Béchamel sauce.
  • Now add the thin pasta layers on its base.
  • Over the pasta layers add your filling.
  • Also add cheese over it (Cheese should be grated)
  • Add some béchamel sauce over your filling and cover it with the pasta layer.
  • Do these steps multiple times to give your lasagna multiple layers.
  • Once multiple layers are done put your entire dish in the oven and let it bake for 40-45 minutes on 180 degrees C.
  • Once baked take it out and serve it.


  • Calories  602
  • Protein  44g
  • Fat  32g
  • Cholesterol  166mg
  • Carbohydrates  35g
  • Iron 26%
  • Sodium  1576mg
  • Potassium  1041mg
  • Calcium  53%
  • Vitamin A 34%
  • Vitamin C  25%


Yes lasagna is a great food to eat and has incredible taste but if we look at it nutrition wise it is not the healthiest dish to eat. It does not provide many nutrients to the human body and has many calories in it. Regardless of any of this stuff you can eat it once a week and it will have no effect and you will have a great time.


Lasagna is everyone’s favorite dish all over the world and is one of the best dishes of Italian cuisine. Its taste is incredible and people have an amazing time making it as well. As my opinion goes I will always recommend everyone to try it because it is also one of my favorite foods to eat. It may not be the healthiest but it is tasty.

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