Chad – Jarret de boeuf

by Alkased Mamim

Chad is located in the north-central of African Continent, bordering Libya in the north, Nigeria in the west, Cameroon on the west-southern part and Central African Republic to the south. Jarret de boeuf is a cuisine prepared in the country for a long time back.

The cuisine itself follows very easy and simple steps to it’s ready meal state, almost everyone with the recipe instructions can make it.

The main ingredient being Beef shank, it is cooked along with carrots and other spices until it;s ready for meal.

Meat takes a little time to cook well, therefore it is boiled aside fro some minutes (nearly an hour) before the final cook with other ingredients.

In this recipe we will prepare it using two (2) common methods usually mostly used, which are by cook the meat in the oven and boil the meat in a pot.

I’m assuring that you will be back here often for the recipe taste, welcome very much. Let’s get started.

Preparation and cooking

We are starting with the oven cooking process, here it goes with;

  • Things to prepare
    • beef shank
    • flour
    • olive oil
    • onions
    • carrots
    • salt
    • pepper
    • lager
    • parsley
  • Preheat the oven to 180 °. Prepare the onions and carrots, chop onions only.
  • Oil a frying pan using olive oil, brown the shank both sides well, spend some minutes to make sure it is well browned.
  • Remove the shank to a plate, add onions into the pan and flavor.
  • Flour the shank well, put it back into the pan, season with pepper and salt.
  • Chop carrots in a long shape (four pieces per carrot) followed with beer to the same height with meat, then bake for two hours and half.
  • Done with the baking?, the cuisine is well and ready for meal.
Jarret de boeuf

Someone with no Oven at home kitchen, this is how to do it;

  • Thinks to prepare
    • 1/2 kg of beef shank
    • vermicelli
    • salt
    • water (about 1 liter)
    • 2 laurel leaf
    • 2 carrots
    • 2 onions
    • peppers
    • parsley
    • flavors
  • Clean meat well and dry. In a cooking pot with water, put meat in together with laurel leaves, boil for about 1 hour and half.
  • After boiling for the time, clean the veggies and chop direct into the pot, boil for one hour.
  • Move out the shank from the pot, add the vermicelli in the soup, boil for 10 minutes less. Cut shank into pieces.
  • Remove the leaves from the pot and any other flavor you used, replace meat into the pot.
  • Sprinkle parsley into the meal, boil for 2 minutes then serve hot.
Jarret de boeuf
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