Eritrea – Ga’at

by Alkased Mamim (edited by Finmail)

Eritrea is an African country found in the eastern parts of the continent. The country is bordered by Ethiopia in the south, Djibouti in the southeast and  Sudan in the west. Ga’at is the must cuisine in Eritrea homes.

This cuisine has a lot of welcoming styles but very easy to prepare; it’s preparation takes little ingredients. From Eritrea homes, traditionally the barley flour/cornmeal used in the preparation of the cuisine was to be boiled with water for 30-40 minutes, to attain the cooked mix of the heavy thick recipe but nowadays instruments have made it as easy as a pie.

The dish is sometimes called Genfo. It is a long lasting breakfast meal in Eritrea and Ethiopia. It takes a shape of volcanic mountain that has erupt to leave a hole filled with water.

Creating Ga’at mount like shape in a plate, it was a work for the barley flour, but lately replaced with cornmeal, as to now.

This cuisine with it’s varieties of styles, it has allowed us to take more step with it, as to consume with yogurt. It is passed around the cornmeal to give more taste of sweetness.

Top op hole is filled with Eritrean butter soup, niter kibbeh (tesmi in Eritrea), a butter soup of spices like garlic, fenugreek and onions.

Welcome as we pursue this easy, tasty and enjoyable breakfast dish from Eritrea. On the kitchen we go.

Things to prepare


  • Roast flour to dry in a microwave for 3 minutes.
  • Take a pan and boil water into it.
  • On another pan, take about 1/4 of boiled water and start to mix with flour under low heat.
  • Once it mix well, add more water and keep heat at minimum to cook for about 30 minutes. Keep stirring to attain burns.
  • Mix bula flour with cold water in a small bowl. Mix it in the pan with boiling flour, add salt, and cook for 20 minutes less.
  • Once the mix becomes thick and heave, remove it and leave warm. Take a special Eritrean cup (genfo) and pour the mix into it. Serve the cup upside down in the plate and make a well in it’s center.
  • Mix the berbere with butter and spices ginger, garlic, fenugreek, onion). Pour the mix soup into the well.
  • Scoop it with yogurt all around.
  • The cuisine is ready, serve it with a bread or as it is.
Ga’at (Genfo)
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