Indonesia, Malaysia – Special Vegetable Laksa Soup

by Muhammad Ahmad

Intro about the dish

Special vegetable Laksa Soup is a noodle-based soup in which the cooked noodles are added and some blanched vegetables for its topping. Vegetable Laksa Soup is very famous in some Southeast Asian countries, like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, etc. It is full of ingredients that have been added. Sometimes its taste may be spicy and sometimes the taste of this soup is moderate. Vegetable Laksa Soup is commonly served in Asian countries especially in Southeast Asian countries. It can easily be available from these countries’ restaurants. But many people made it at their own homes because it is divine in taste when you make it at your own home, no doubt that the taste restaurant-style Laksa soup is better than homemade Laksa soup but the benefit for homemade Laksa soup is for a taste that is you can be made it as per your taste. However, there are four main steps to make Vegetable Laksa Soup are as follows.

Laksa Paste

Laksa paste is the first and main component for the preparation of soup because all the spices are adding while making this paste. It consists of cashew nuts and dry red chilies with some spices and then blends it into the blender to give the form of paste. This paste is used in the next step.

Laksa Soup

Preparing Laksa soup is the next after making the paste. In this step, we made a soup from the liquid by using the prepared paste. It consists of salt and sugar and coconut milk with a combination of paste. When your soup is ready then the next is for topping preparation.


Topping is the third step for making soup and gives to the final touch. Preparing topping by blanching vegetables into boiled water and then frying the tofu into the saucepan and use it for topping on soup.


In the last step, we assembled the soup and its topping. We cooked noodles in the last step, we can try different things for assembling but now we use cooked noodles. Topping the Laksa soup with fried and blanched vegetables. Serve hot to your family or friends.

Origin and History

Origin and history are two main points for every kind of cuisine. Although the Vegetable Laksa soup is a side dish and use for lunch or evening snacks, we should know about the origin of this dish that where it comes from? And what is the background history of this soup? So when we talk about its origin, it is rooted first time in Malaysia by the migrated Chinese people from the city Malacca. There are some different claims about the history of Laksa soup. One of them is that the food historians believed that the dish was firstly introduced from the connection between the local Singaporean people and Peranakans Singaporeans. There are types of people are there in which local Laksa people choose much spicy taste, and their soups are thick and creamy while, on the other hand, Peranakan Laksa people used cooked noodles in their soup with the combination of blanched vegetables. In short, the dish is made by the connection or Interaction between the local citizens and some migrated Chinese. While talking about its variations in different countries, like Asam Laksa, Curry Laksa, Nyonya Laksa, and Laksa Lemak are some variations that are used in this soup. The popularity of this soup becomes more and more concerning passing days.


For the Laksa Curry Paste

  • Dry Red Chilis 6-8
  • Fresh Red chilies 2-3
  • Cashew Nuts 10-12
  • Lemongrass Stalks 3
  • small Onion 1
  • Garlic 1 Tbsp
  • Ginger 1 Tbsp
  • Turmeric powder 0.5 tsp
  • Coriander Seeds 1.5 Tbsp

For the Laksa Soup

  • Jaggery or Sugar 2-3 tsp
  • Coconut Milk 1 cup thick
  • Oil 4 Tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Water or Broth as required

For Boiling Tofu

  • firm Tofu 100 gm
  • Corn Starch 2 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste
  • Oil 2 Tbsp

For Assembling Laksa Soup

  • cooked Noodles 2 cups
  • Broccoli Florets 1 cup
  • Snow peas 8-10
  • Capsicum 0.5
  • Mushrooms 5
  • Chopped Coriander leaves 1 Tbsp

Cooking Method

Preparing Laksa Paste

  • Take a small size bowl add hot or boiled water and soak 6 to 8 dry red chilies.
  • Set it aside for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Then do the same process with 10 to 12 cashew nuts and set them aside.
  • After soaking well add both dry red chilies and cashew nuts into the blender and then add 1 small chopped onion, chopped and peeled garlic, 1.5 tsp of coriander seeds, 2 to 3 cut fresh chilies, chopped ginger, half tsp of turmeric powder, lemongrass stalks in last add little amount of water for smoothing blend.
  • Now cover it and blend all ingredients well to form into a paste.
  • Your paste is ready, set aside for a while.

Preparing Laksa Soup

  • Take a deep frying pan place it on the stove at medium flame and add oil for heat in it.
  • Now add prepared laksa paste and stir it frequently for 10 to 15 minutes on low flame or until oil will separate.
  • Keep stirring until the oil will fully be absorbed and make a thick mixture.
  • Then add some quantity of water and bring it to boil and mix it well.
  • Then add salt to taste, sugar to taste, and again leave it to boil.
  • Let’s add 1 cup of coconut milk and give it to a good mix.
  • Now cover the pan and leave it for simmer cook at low flame for approximately 8 to 10 minutes.
  • Dish out into another bowl and set it aside.

Topping Preparation

  • Take wok to add some water for boiling at a high flame.
  • Then add broccoli florets and leave them for boiling for 3 to 4 minutes (add, when water starts boiling).
  • Pick it out from the wok.
  • Then add snow peas and repeat the above process.
  • As same add Mushrooms and again repeat the same process.
  • Again add cut red capsicum repeat the same prices.
  • After removing from wok set them into a single bowl.
  • Then take a saucepan place it on the stove and add oil for heat.
  • Add tofu into the pan and let it deep fry at medium flame.
  • Fry them until their color turns to golden brown and looks crispy.


  • Take a soup add half quantity of it into an empty bowl, then add cooked noodles.
  • Then add the remaining soup into the bowl.
  • Let’s garnish it with blanched vegetables, then fried tofu in the last add fresh coriander leaves.
  • Your Laksa Vegetable soup is ready to serve.
  • Serve hot in front of your family or guests.
  • Enjoy your meal.

Nutritional Aspects

  • Calories: 313 
  • Carbs: 34g 
  • Fat: 13g 
  • Protein: 17g

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