Pakistan – Delicious Crispy Paratha

By Robecca Adnan


The people who are especially conscious about the health of their children and want to keep away their children from the food that is prepared in the market. This recipe is gift for the mothers who gives much importance to the health of their children. As everybody knows that people of every age like to eat partha either they are young, old or children or if that Partaha will be crispy it will increase the excitement. That’s why I have prepared this recipe to create easiness and excitement for mother and to keep their family happy and healthy.

Traditional foods

As each one of us knows this that a healthy diet is necessary to keep our self healthy. We should eat simple and healthy food. And paratha is one that is everyday prepared almost in every home.

Delicious Crispy Paratha

Paratha is a popular food that is prepared by different method to make it tastier. And the recipe which I have prepared its make your paratha much delicious because it include potato and it is thought that Potatoes are comfort food , Potatoes are low in calories. And potatoes are a source of Vitamin C and B6 . Potatoes also help lower blood pressure for many reasons. Fiber is found in the Potatoes that can be helpful in lower cholesterol.


  1. Potatoes 400 grams
  2. Salt ½ tsp
  3. Water as required
  4. Black Pepper grounded ½ tsp
  5. Red pepper grounded ½ tsp
  6. Oil 04 tbs
  7. Flour 04 tbs
  8. Coriander
  9. cumin ½ tsp
  10. Tomato 1 small


First of all boil the potatoes and after boiling the potatoes for 15 to 20 minutes in water then grand the potatoes and the mix the salt, cumin, tomato, cumin, coriander, black and red pepper and sliced onions in flour. Now mixture all ingredients is ready.


Take some of mixture and make bread with the help bread belna and fried it in a pan for 3-to 4 minutes. Within 03 to 04 minutes delicious Crispy Paratha is ready. Now offer this Delicious Crispy paratha to your guest and children. You can enjoy it along with tea.

Delicious Crispy Paratha

Here is a delicious Crispy Paratha now try it your own home for enjoying it.

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