Kenya – Mukimo with Beef Stew

By David Ndichu


Mukimo (Moh-Kee-Moh) is a well-known Kenyan dish from Central Kenya. This cuisine is much popular among the kikuyu tribe. Since the introduction of potato farming in Kenya (in the 1880s by the British farmers), potatoes have become a staple food for the kikuyu tribe. Hence the invention of this beautiful dish called mukimo. Mukimo implies squashed and the dish is fundamentally the African reply to mashed potatoes. It can be found all over the whole nation, in spite of the fact that in several varieties and combinations. The conventional Mukimo is made out of bubbled beans, maize and potatoes and can effectively take a number of hours to plan (however its miles well worth it!). The dish can also be called Irio.


Ingredients needed


  1. Large Potatoes (2 kg)
  2. Green Peas (1 kg)
  3. Corn

Beef Stew

  1. Beef
  2. 2 large Onions
  3. Crushed Garlic
  4. Crushed Ginger
  5. 1 teaspoon of tomato glue
  6. Chimed pepper (green, yellow and red) cut in stripes
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Specified Flavor.
  9. Dark Soy Sauce



  • Peel the potatoes and wash them clean
  • Put the potatoes, peas and corn in a huge pot and include sufficient water to cover the substance.
  • Cover the pot with a cover and bubble it for 30-40 minutes.
  • Once prepared, deplete the abundance water.
  • Add salt to taste.
  • Pound it until the potatoes are completely pounded and keep checking in case there is sufficient salt.
  • Cut the onions.
  • In an isolated container warm oil and caramelize the onions.
  • Include the caramelized onions to the potatoes and blend everything with the wooden spoon until well combined.

Beef Stew

  • Cook the beef in a pot at moo warm until all water dries up.
  • Include onions, crushed garlic and ginger; let it cook in medium fire.
  • Include tomato glue, salt, dim soy sauce and the specified flavor.
  • Let it cook for 10 minutes.
  • Include the chimed peppers and mix it.
  • Cover the pot and let it cook for 10 minutes.

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