Malawi – Kachumbari

by Tanomba Thati

Kachumbari is a vegetable-fruits mix salad dish from fresh tomato and onions as the main inset. Kachumbari in Malawi is highly supplied in fast food points than in restaurants due to the consumption number of customers taking fast foods around city road sites.

Despite of being hit by drought for some past years, Malawi is blessed with a number of vegetable and fruits cultivation at home level or in specialized industries. Import of more vegetables is also an impact to the level of consumption for such products.

Preparation of Kachumbari is not much cost full as anyone can handle it, welcome as we prepare this cuisine.

Prepare the followings

  • 10 Tomatoes
  • Wash them with warm water to kill bacterial infections.
  • Clean and dry with a towel, put into clean plate.
  • Chop into small box-like shapes and put into a big bowl. (one side of it)
  • 5 Onions
  • Chop into round shaped
  • Put into a small bowl, add warm water, add salt, soak while still for 3 minutes then skim
  • Put into the bowl containing tomatoes but in another side, don’t mix them
  • 2 Avocados
  • Wash with warm water, peel off, put into clean plate
  • Chop into small box-like shaped pieces. (smaller than tomatoes)
  • Put into the bowl but in another side without mixing with other adds.
  • 1 Cucumber
  • Wash with hot water (if it’s from the industries as it contains strong pesticides)
  • Cut into two equal parts
  • Chop small pieces, put into the bowl like the others.
  • Salt
  • 1 Lemon or Vinegar
  • Pepper powder

Finishing steps

  • Items in the bowl will be looking like in the picture.
    • It doesn’t matter for the setting style, just don’t mix them before.
  • Mix all the ingredients together, using a wooden spoon.
  • Add salt for taste and a little amount of pepper powder.
  • Add lemon or Vinegar, drop wise with Vinegar will do better.
  • Taste for a different, listen from those buds, mhh, tastes both sweet and nice.

This is all I can tell about our Malawian cuisine of Kachumbari, like in Malawi we take Kachumbari with the foods like;

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