Nigeria – Aagun

by Mimi Joseph

Yoruba people from Nigeria have a lot of cuisines to taste, their cuisines are even in form of cereal mix, meat mix, vegetables mix or both mixes at a time. Aagun will work better for vegetarians as it is sourced from cornmeal.

Nigeria country can be located in the western part of the African continent, bordering with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east and Niger in the northern part.

Aagun is described by it’s interesting meanings, the cuisine title means “sweetness” but in reality the cuisine is not that sweet, but rather a cornmeal taste will fill the buds.

Apart from taste, the cuisine ingredients gives it amazing feeling when consumed, it may taste like cookie at some extent.

Yoruba will prepare this beautiful cuisine in special occasions like traditional ceremonies for example weddings, also they usually give it a priority during nomination ceremony.

Let us learn and have a taste over this remote cuisine from Nigerian tribe called Yoruba.

Prepare the followings

  • 1 kg of cornmeal
  • Salt
  • Palm oil
  • Peppers
  • Bulb onions

Cooking procedures

  • Turn on the cooker and heat up cornmeal over moderate heat on pan until they go deep brown.
  • After about 4 minutes add the flour into a tuff bowl.
  • Mix with palm oil, peppers and salt.
  • Give it a cool and self cook time of about 2hours.
  • Shape them as you want by piece, wrap with green leaves (traditionally we use banana leaves) or use foil if you have one.
  • Serve them with juice, tea or coffee. I promise you will make the most of unbelievable taste, enjoy.
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