Nigeria – Ikokore (Yam Portage)

by Bisola Mayowa

Ikokore (Water yam portage) originated from Ogun state, Nigeria and is a major dish for the Ijebu natives.

To make the well craved Iko kore (Water yam portage) you need some major proteins to garnish it and make the dish more enticing and nutritous.

These ingredients include

Water Yam
Palm oil
Bell pepper, scotch bonnet, Green pepper
Dried stock fish
Dried cat fish (Eja Kika)
Shredded Bonga Fish
Meat/Chicken stock
Assorted meat
Shrimps, prawns and crayfish

Preparation process

Peel your water yam and slice to small pieces so it can fit into the blender
Blend water yam till it becomes smooth
Scoop into a plate
Blend your bell pepper, scotch bonnet
Dice your green pepper
Heat your pot and when hot add palm oil
When hot add your bell pepper, scotch bonnet and green pepper
Add Seasoning
Add Shredded dried fish, stock fish and bonga fish, shrimp, prawns and crayfish
Stir for two minutes
Add meat/chicken stock, if there’s no stock add water
Scoop blended water yam into sauce in little and big lumps
Do not stir, leave for about 10 minutes then stir with a wooden spoon
Leave to simmer for 3-5 minutes and voila your Ikokore is ready.

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