Cameroon – Homemade Brochette de Boeuf

by Ngwe Zoey

Homemade Brochette de boeuf in Cameroonian kitchens, Africa as a whole and even elsewhere refers to a type of meat presentation or should I say decoration where tiny pieces of red cow meat is placed on tiny sharpened wooden sticks or tiny designed stainless steel stick like objects and roasted. This brochette is commonly called soya and it is believed to be a roadside meal or snacks because majority of traders involved in the grilling of soya are seen by the roadside. As a challenge, I will recommend that everyone learns how to make soya at home so that the sanitary conditions under which this soya is done at home is verified and trusted. Getting this brochette from the road side is not the best or if you must get it from the road side, make sure the vendor is grilling it under a clean environmental condition and the vendor himself should be neat and presentable. Our digestive system is delicate and we should mind the kind of foods we consume and from where the food is prepared because eating just anyhow and from anywhere can cause harm to our system than good. Go get your ingredients, set yourself for this adventure and get your brochette done at home and enjoy the sweetness and yumminess of this delicac

Recipe for brochette de boeuf

3 kilograms of beef that is red cow meat with no bones

  • parsley
  • onions
  • green pepper
  • garlics
  • groundnut oil
  • maggi
  • grind white pepper
  • mustard

Required cooking time.

Preparation: 1 hour

Grilling or roasting: 20 minutes

Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes.

However the time depends on the quantity to be prepared

Step by step cooking process

  1. Wash the meat and cut into tiny pieces and put in a bowl
  2. add dry ground garlics, white pepper, parsley and the maggi to the meat in a bowl
  3. mix the content in the bowl well using a wooden spatula
  4. allow to stand for like 20 minutes so that the meat can absorb the species well
  5. add oil in the meat and stir. Add 4 table spoons of mustard and mix well
  6. cover again and allow to absorb for another 10 minutes
  7. while the meat is being allowed to take up the species, peel onions and chop into smaller cubes. Wash the green pepper as well and cut it into the sizes you want
  8. after 30 minutes, pick up the pieces of meat one by one and place on the brochette sticks and alternate this with onions and green pepper
  9. when all the meat have been placed on the sticks, drop them on the BBQ grill which had been earlier turned on
  10. place the filled sticks on the grill BBQ and turn regularly. When the meat is brown and soft, it can be removed. Repeat process until the filled brochette sticks are finish

It is this easy and fast to get this delicious meal prepared and served. It is accompanied with soft bread and hot pepper and of course some chilled juice

Bon appetite

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