Nigeria – Owoh Soup

by Verdzekov Bernard.

Delta owo soup Recipe by Soks - Cookpad

Those interested in opening restaurants, I will tell you here and out of experience, apart from the white man’s decision on whether not to consume African meals, the meals are delicious and costly in areas of scarcity. If you can prepare good food and sell where there will love to consume, you will make a lot of money. Also, you could go up to a restaurant owner and offer your services and make some real money for yourself. But what I know is, African delicacy are usually scrambled on, both by whites and blacks. So, think about it.

This site has made it possible for people to write and submit articles on local cuisine. There are many cuisines I didn’t know about and how to prepare it. But Finmail made that possible and I know they have helped many other people around the world. Finmail users keep increasing, why don’t you join us already.

Today, I will write about a delicious Nigerian delicacy that is worth practicing and adopting as a main dish in your home. The dish is called Owoh. This is a Nigerian delicacy, and it is very mush valued by the Nigerians and other neighboring countries like Cameroon.


  • Caw skin or canda 
  • Meat
  • Salt to taste 
  • Maggi 
  • Palm oil 
  • Ground crayfish 
  • Pepper 
  • Dry fish 
  • Garri (Yellow garri)
  • Starch and potash 
  • Water (essential resource for cooking)


  • Wash your meat and canda so well. After washing put in a pot add water, seasoning cube, ground crayfish, ground pepper, add salt to taste stir and allow. Cover pot for about 20 for your canda to boil well and till meat is tender.
  • Open pot and add some more blended crayfish.
  • Add your dried scattered or smoked fish, stir well. cover pot for about 5min, open and add your garri, stir well. Make sure you stir well. Add your red oil and stir well. Allow the pot open for about 3mins.
  • In a small bowl, put your starch and potash, put in a little bit of water and then using spoon, stir well. Add some more water and stir well. Make sure it is watery well. Add it into your pot and stir well. Allow pot for about 5min. Your Owoh soup is ready. 
  • Serve with garri or corn fufu…


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