Nigeria – Turwo Shinkafa

by Verdzekov Bernard

Turwo shinkafa is a Nigerian cuisine, mostly eating by the Hausa tribe. This is made from non-parboiled rice. This is made from non-parboiled rice because, parboiled rice will give a different look or finishing. They are many cuisines that actually you may think don’t exist or that this can’t be a traditional dish, but rather, this meals are valued and respected by some other people of another area in living all in one planet. You may never know about such cuisine until it is writing down like this, and you read about it and may want to practice. You don’t need mush to prepare this particular cuisine.


  • Non parboiled Rice
  • Pot
  • Salt to taste.


  • Wash the rice to make sure it is clean. Note: make sure you use non-parboiled rice.
  • Put water in a pot and allow it to boil for about 25min. After it is boil add your rice into the pot. Make sure your water should march quantity of rice.
  • Your rice will take about 30min to boil. After it is boiled, put the pot down.
  • Use a wooden spoon to smash the rice. Smash if to dry add some water and continue to mash until it forms one big ball. 
  • To make it presentable, wet your hands, scoop to roll between your hands. 

Serve with Egusi Soup as seen above or any soup of your choice.

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