Nepal – Kwati

Kwati is a “STEW”. It is a “HOT SOUP” which is made by mixing different beans. This is one of the most special hot soups of Nepalese cuisine. This hot soup is very important because one of the festivals of Nepal is incomplete without this stew which is known as ” GUNI PUNHI “.

Nepal – Aloo Tama

Aloo Tama is the combination of ” Potato and bamboo shoots “. It is actually a curry-type dish. You can enjoy this dish at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime when you are craving it. Bamboo shoots are actually related to the plant family which is like the grass.

Nigeria – Tuwo Masara

Tuwo masara is another dish from Nigeria, specifically from northern Nigeria. The Hausa–Fulani are the ethnic groups in the northern part of the country, are the most consumers of the cuisine.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Champ Masala (Mutton Chops Curry)

This is a special dish served all around the world. Champ is actually what we chops in English and masala is used for gravy or curry.

Pakistan – Yumm! Traditional Split Pulses Chappati

Split pulses is often translated as daal, lentils, beans and pulses. Pulses are used to make variety of dishes as well as sweet dishes.

Pakistan – Brain Masala (magaz masala)

This dish is originated from subcontinent and after separation it become part of national cuisine of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Every region has its known flavors and method of cooking is also different.

Ghana – Rainbow Rice

Ghana is kind of colorful city, hence rainbow rice style, it is prepared with food colors together with natural rice.

Cameroon – How to Cook Ghetto Jellof Rice

Jellof rice originatede from senegal but later on spread across the African countries which each country has his own special way of spiecing it. In Cameroon we call this food (le sauveur).